Celebrate E&P's 6th anniversary with these gifts! 🎂

Dear Community:

Today is the 6th birthday of Empires & Puzzles — thank you always for your continued support. To celebrate the occasion and show our appreciation, we’ve prepared a few gifts.

To start off, if you have yet to log into the game today, please go check out the now-open Museum! Inside, there will be some Gems waiting for you. There should also be a free gift on the very top of today’s birthday cake pop-up; please make sure to collect that too.

Finally, we’ve prepared a special gift package for you to collect at the Empires & Puzzle Store — it contains a lot more goodies compared to our usual free weekly gifts, so you won’t want to miss out. Please make sure to collect it before it expires on March 6, 07:00 UTC.

Here’s to many more years together. Best of luck in the battles!