Ascend Ingredients


I need 2 sturdy shields to ascend Caedman. Where do I find them? I’ve been everywhere and keep coming up empty. I am on the edge of frustration. I also make purchases but can’t get them there either. And not coming in titan loot. Am I the only one having these problems?


You are definitely not the only one. I have been unable to progress my 5* hero due to the need for some capes. They are literally impossible to get unless you get miraculously lucky. Same as the shields. There is no mission that gives them as a guananteed reward. There is a package that gives you a minuscule chance of getting one, but you are limited to 5 pulls (for 250 gems a piece). Then it might reset for you three days later. I have stopped buying gems for this game because all I can get with them is more heroes that I can’t advance because the ascension ingredients are impossible to get.


Warm Capes are what is stopping me from Ascending my hero as well. I just keep praying, but I need three. :unamused:


I’ve gotten Sturdy Shields. I want to say it was from a Wanted/Elemental chest. I have never purchased a pack that had a “chance” to get these items, they came at odd times in-game.


Finally, someone who knows my pain! I have put serious money into this game, and all I get is increasing frustration. You would think the game-makers would reward their finest customers in a tangible way. Oh well, I guess I will end up doing as you already have. It’s sad.


You to make Ascension items more reasonable​to find or purchase…like the hidden dagger’s and compasses. We dhould be able to get them in provinces instead of wanted chests and Titan loot which never happens…Just make it easier to get


Yes-yes I agree with the pain, but isn’t this topic under wrong sub-forum?

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Well with the new “Epic” offer, it looks like you’ll have a chance to put even MORE money into this game just to actually land an ascension item. At least it’s guaranteed items… maybe dev is taking baby steps in the right direction.


I don’t have problems getting ascension items.

Because I don’t pay for the game, I only get 4* heroes when I miraculously train one, or when I get lucky with an epic summons. I’ve been playing for 2-3 months now, long enough to get a full team of 4* heroes. I have only once found myself stuck, with my progress halted by a lack of ascension items.

That lasted about a week, until I lucked into something I needed. Then I was off to the races again, happily levelling and progressing.

(The one time I did spend money was on the infamous Epic Deal. (For me, the cost was £2.99.) I spent the cash, collected my 5 epic summons tokens, and bought an additional 10 epic summons tokens for 2600 gems. From these 15 summons I got 2 heroes I needed - a 4* and a 5*. I have not found myself short of ascension items for them.)

My team is still not fully ascended. I have plenty of ascension materials to keep me going for the next couple of weeks at least, during which time I’m sure I’ll find more stuff. I do not find this a troublesome issue.

Context: my team power is somewhere between 3100 and 3200. My equilibrium trophies level is about 2600.


This is what I was thinking. :wink:


Then you are a very blessed individual, if you are not having any problems with the game. Are you related to one of the creators? lol.