Canadian Beavers has a few spots open. Level 60+ and active

We are the Canadian Beavers and we want you! Well, not all of you, but we are looking for active level 60+ players who are not afraid of 14* titans and live for wars.

We are an alliance of Canadian and American players that prides itself on treating people properly and removing the trash to keep things fair and to maintain upward growth. We have several people with over 1000 days in the Alliance and even one with over 1400. This should demonstrate that we are family-oriented and that it is an environment where people like to stay. As for competitiveness, we are not a top 100 alliance but have reached as high as just over 300 globally. With your help, we can go further.

Here’s the fine print… Everyone needs to pitch in on titans so it is not the same people dishing out resources. There is a minimum 85k average you must maintain throughout the week. We have a designated tank colour for wars but we offer an alternative where you can use any other coloured tank, as long as it is flanked by two heroes of the designated colour. We use discord which is encouraged but not mandatory. Any other questions can be answered when you arrive.

Hope to see you soon!
Oh, temps and mercs need not apply, we want to maintain stability and I honestly cannot stand recruiting on the in-game global chat. People who spend their entire day there are deranged and need professional help.

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