Can Malosi block Guardian Gazelle's spirit dance?

I know Guardian Gazelle removes all status effects. But there’s something strange in Gazelle’s skill. According to Gazelle’s special, “Removes all dispellable and undispellable status effects from all allies except the caster.” The issue lies on this part, “except the caster.” It means Gazelle can’t remove status effect on herself. So if Malosi’s blocking, which is a kind of status effect, is on Gazelle, she can’t remove it. Is this right? Anyone knows this?

Thanks in advance.

Gazelle special protects her team apart from her malsio special protects his team.
Malsio can’t stop gazelle as it protects her team if malsio has fired then gazelle fires gazelle team is protected same as malsio.
Think that’s right :woman_shrugging:

Malosi’s special should prevent her allies start dancing.
If you consider dance as a complex status alignment to her allies (attack boost, reduce dmg…), then Malosi is blocking it.

This is a pretty good question! But you don’t really see Gazelle on defence very often so it’d be hard to test. I assume she would still remove all effects from her teammates but would then be unable to cast the dance status or her HOT?

I just tested this. Malosi hit Gazelle, I activated her special and nothing happened.

So, yes, he blocks her special.


Wow. Thanks for your test and information.


20 you’re welcomes :slight_smile:

And thanks for the screenshot. I will show it to my alliance members. They wanted to know if Malosi can block Gazelle’s dance.

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I think a simple rule of thumb is if the effect has a status icon, it will be blocked by Malosi.

Yeah, I know it, but the problem here was Gazelle can cleanse and Malosi can’t block cleasing. BTW, it was solved now cause Gazelle cannot cleanse herself (Her special tells “except the caster.”) aer3 tested and shared the solution.

Malosi can prevent God mode from activating… my secret weapon is now useless.

I have both heroes (Gazelle+10) and this sucker punch just keeps getting better and better.

Wow damn, thanks for testing that. I’m now feeling slightly more inclined to release 6 of only 7 darts I have to Malosi. :grin:

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Remember how a lot of people were disappointed in the beginning, because “he hits like a wet noodle”? And he’s proven to be so useful in many situations. :tipping_hand_man:t2:
A reason more to be sceptical about first reactions.


Then again, who uses Gazelle in defense, knowing full well of the adverse effects when she dies during the dance? If they do, maybe they are just trying her out or they do not have other alternative or better heroes for defense. I haven’t seen a top tier player coming from top tier alliance or even from the top 100 players consistently using her in their defense. She shines not in defense. Alternatively, she may be a good defensive hero as your Malosi will focus on her and ignoring the 4 other equally strong heroes bound to kill the attacking heroes. She does not deal huge damage or heal her allies. She makes the other 4 heroes get into god-mode. She is still a better hero overall than Malosi.

Don’t have her so don’t care. The question was if Malosi can disable her special skill.

As answered, Malosi can block her skill. I was referring to this:

This was probably a question of Malosi vs Gazelle.

Ah, cool. I didn’t see it as a choice between those two - just in general that Malosi is worth of darts. Cheers.

@Ultra @Slobix Slobix is correct, I don’t have Gazelle, Malosi is my only 5* yellow at 3/70 (also have 1/1 Justice, Leonidas, and Sif) and just couldn’t seem to pull the trigger on giving him darts.

Malosi is awesome, have him for a few days and can say he is worth the darts.

Agree, this info is probably more relevant to people who use gazelle on offense and face the occasional Malosi, or potentially when facing gazelle in the challenge event. But since Malosi’s color is reflected there anyway, not especially helpful either lol.

Granted I have seen gazelle on defense before. So you never know.

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