Malosi doesn't stop Lady Loki

Recently faced Lady Loki in a raid and learned the hard way that Malosi’s special doesn’t block Lady Loki’s. This doesn’t make sense to me.

Malosi’s special prevents the target from casting any new status effects on enemies or allies.

As Lady Loki’s special reassigns status ailments from allies to oppos, shouldn’t this be prevented by Malosi?


i believe it should be

and i think this should be moved to the bugs section as a possible bug…

I just read the Lady Loki’s text and according to text, yes Malosi should prevent those those status ailments.

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It’s not a bug, The effects applying sequentially, so first she removes all debuffs (including malosi’s debuff) and then spread them. :slight_smile:


ah good point

didn’t think of that

and malosi skill is an ailment so she would remove it before casting

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Malosi’s card actually says, “The target cannot cast any new status effects or stacks on enemies or allies for 3 turns.”

The key is it blocks any “new” effects. With Lady Loki stealing them and putting them on the other team, I’m not sure if that would qualify as “new”. They are existing effects.

Lady Loki’s Text says, -Randomly Casts-
So there is casting, Malosi’s special skill is also clear, -The target cannot cast any new status effects on enemies or allies-
Either the dynamics of Malosi’s special skill or Lady Loki’s text should be changed to clear misunderstanding i think.
Please carefully read both text.

Lady loki doesn’t cast any new status alignment That is what you fail to realise :slight_smile:

She simply takes all the status alignments that are thrown at your team and apply it to other team. Simple as that, not sure why you are getting congfused.

when kageburado was first introduced

we learned the importance of the firing order within special skills

in lady loki special skill she removes the ailments then recasts

like kage dispels before he hits to avoid riposte damage

so she should remove malosi ailment then cast ailments onto opponent

at least from what i just read


After carefully reading, I guess she negates the all effects including Malosi’s debuff before casting to other side . That way, Malosi’s special skill also should go to enemy side. This is like very hard math problem :smiley:

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