Buy all compensation

So, due to a bug, we paid extra (real money) and…this is how you deal with this bug? Are we a joke to you, SGG?!


Probably my bad but I didn’t notice there was a bug on the buy all.
So this was a nice surprise. So thank you SG


Well, while I kind of hoped for 100 legendary coins for an extra chance at this sorry portal, given how minimal the difference was (well, at least in my currency, an equivalent of 1 eurocent) I welcome this same way as any ‘free’ stuff. Still better than the value.


The buy all price was higher than when you would buy all 5 (or maybe 3) seperately.

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Cheers. I need to take more notice about what I am spending lol

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The compensation probably depends upon the actual difference. If the difference is 1 eurocent then yeah an energy flask seem appropriate. I got 150 gems as my compensation since the difference was larger than that.


I sent ticket too, and got nice email telling that problem has been solved by removing “buy all” -button. Cheers Mate!

Indeed, there were certain currencies where the difference was a bit higher, so these players were compensated gems.

I hope this helps and my apologies for this issue again! :slight_smile:


In my case, I believe I was overcharged four cents US. I consider a flask fair compensation.

Thank you, SG and @Petri… you probably don’t hear that much these days, so I’m happy to say it.



I paid $15.91 after taxes for the “Buy All” offer, which I really found convenient. I can’t speak for those in other countries, but if you’re in the U.S., and this is what you paid or very close to it (minus California, whose taxes are way higher), then there should be no reason to complain as the prices are pretty much the same as if buying all five separately. I enjoyed the convenience of a single purchase for 5 stocked items, and I will enjoy using the WE flask next week during Atlantis Rises. Thank you, @Petri.


@Mothra @ReverendTim


Yup, I’ve got this. Honestly, had no idea what happened until I read it here. :slight_smile:

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Ben tazminatımı nasıl alabilirim???

moderator translation

How can I get my compensation ???

According to this post, all compensation has been given.

If you did not get compensation and feel you should have, you’ll need to submit a ticket. Here’s a link.

Most people in life these days are far less likely, if at all, to give credit when warranted; than to have a rant*. Respect, mate.

*I’ve no issue at all with a good rant (when warranted) too.

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Not cool.

I love the game but the last few months… just keep chipping away at my loyalty.


I paid in Korean won, which has lower value than USD.
And I also contacted support about this.

I wish I could feel better as a loyal user. But why do I feel worse? Something feels off about this compensation (since others got gems.) Maybe it’s because this is usually what I get in loot drops instead needed mats? Or maybe because my world energy refills anyway, so this compensation means nothing in the end?

Note @Petri > I am not trying to attack you as an individual, just voicing how I feel.

(On the flip side… I commend SGG for that coin deal … it’s one of the best I have seen. I was hating how taverns summons odds and curation was designed, but despite that I liked the offer and quickly bought into it.)

But the business strategy is too archaic, I wish SGG could pivot clearly from being a outdated “purchase brand” to a “usage brand”.


Distinct differences were revealed between the legacy/traditional brands and the newcomer/digital brands. The research categorized them into two groups: purchase brands and usage brands. In summary, usage brands focus on the swing and follow-through. Here are highlights of their differences:

  • Purchase brands focus on creating demand to buy the product, whereas usage brands focus on creating demand for use of the product
  • Purchase brands emphasize promotion, while usage brands emphasize advocacy
  • Purchase brands worry about what they say to customers when usage brands worry about what customers say to each other
  • Purchase brands focus on what people think about the brand along the path to purchase, while usage brands influence how people experience the brand at every touchpoint
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Did anyone in Australia get this? We had the same issue. I haven’t seen a message yet

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I didnt get it but I didnt buy any offers again either.

Assuming it’s targeting only those who bought the buy all offer


Makes sense. And they took it down pretty quickly I guess

Those who have purchased the offer and submitted a ticket got the gift .

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