Bring Back Field Aid!

RAE! I don’t know how else to get a hold of you but I’m at work all day and I forgot my phone at home. :frowning: I won’t be able to log in and use my war flags in time I’m sooooo sorry.

They did, I appealed and got an interview.

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I almost want to join now just for the challenge of being accepted into this reclusive tribal community

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I do remember back in the day when I had to take 3*s for mop-up duty I could struggle against strong corner healers. I think if you have a good synergy team as has been described in this thread it would be relatively easy but at the time all I had was random dribs and drabs and they just didn’t have the required damage output

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It gets so much more satisfying when they use a wing Kunchen. Never gets old. :slightly_smiling_face:

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With Rush Attack 4 star heros maxed with emblems do not even have a chance at success. With Field Aid War they could still take out a at least 4 heros if not the entire defense. New wars have no originality a player is a slave to the opening board. If the attacker can KO a hero in defense before the first one charges and fires then the battle is won. It really took a part of the game I enjoyed and threw it in the dumpster… Time to see what else is out there.


I will agree that Rush Attack wars can also be punishing to lower levels. I’ve done relatively okay in them so far myself, and I like the fact that it speeds up my mana as well as the defense. I probably would have liked Field Aid better if it also healed both sides.

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Lol this topic is exactly the reason why game developers so rarely seem to be listening to the suggestions on their forums etc.

Introduce a ‘hugely anticipated change’ and suddenly the community responds with ‘nooo why did you do it bring it back’ - despite the original topic having 1000 backing up responses to remove it.


Impossible to please everyone.

The squeakiest wheels usually get the first grease.

Really my only complaint with Field Aid was when it got to a point where (for lower level players at least) one defense’s healers were healing faster than it was even possible to deal damage to them. Like a healer v. healer battle… just goes on and on and on into eternity.

I’d be okay with them bringing it back if it were tweaked slightly to prevent never ending (until timeout at least) fights like that from happening.


Not everyone hated field aid wars but the ones who did were vocal about it. Which is normal cause it’s usually the unsatisfied players who complain. Now it seems those roles have inverted. I thought field aid wars brought a different challenge to the table and I’m sad to see them go.

But it does seems people are never happy :slightly_smiling_face:.


I miss Field aid Wars too…
i was against this aid removal never thought Devs would do it…
let’s have more rules for more variety and fun, we can’t please everyone but 2 field aid wars in a rotation of (8-10 !?) diffrent war rules (current ones Horde, Arrow, Equalizer, boost, VFast + new one on test Elemental + old field aid + some new, why not bloody battle and buff booster as theyr mechanism is already implemented on tournaments) this would be challenging and would raise wars to another lvl of tacticks …


Just as I got my valeria maxed from the Halloween event specifically for field aid…it goes away haha

I guess this is something that should happen but I don’t know why it was removed…

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Thats ofc not true, maxed sumle or colen with 11 lv mana troop blow up everyone.
Same with proteus, gullibursti etc

Just no so many just opted out of war when field aid came around

And now we have “hero levelling” (?) which is like giving the attack team a buff, it’s glorious. But it seems like a patch to even out the shocking matching system.

In this current meta with minions and damage over time, arrows are, imo, the most imbalanced war. Each time they go off, it takes a fourth of your hero’s health. Add minion makers like Bera, Freya and Krampus to the mix and then heroes that deal DoT like Vela, JF and GM and these matches can be very mismatched, especially due to RNG. Now enter the FRIGG, BK, ODIN teams and Arrows are extremely frustrating, if not impossible with a DECENT board.

Yep bring it back. and no need to be on both sides at all, just bring it back.

Oh and, as we have RUSH wars, we should have BLOODY ones, too!


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