Bring Back Field Aid!

LOL I know there’s been a million remove field aid topics in the past.

It appears SG has finally responded and replaced field aid with undead horde.

I love the new war rules - please keep. But I don’t think field aid should be replaced, the new rules should simply be added.

I get frustrated by field aid wars sometimes too - but remember that your defense also gets the aid - it’s not single sided, everyone faces the same rule.

Undead horde makes minion removing heroes have more stock now, but what about the heroes that steal or reduce healing? They are otherwise seen as second class, but their stage to shine was field aid wars and now that is gone. Think Perseus, Valeria, Fura, etc.

Maybe it would be interesting to have field aid heal both sides - that way maybe there’s less frustrations on offense but we still have an opportunity to really let heroes that are otherwise underwhelming shine.

Maybe we don’t appreciate things until they’re gone…I miss field aid already. :rofl: Expecting hate mail now. :rofl:

Also now that there’s more rules, if you don’t like something, it’ll come around way less often.

Share your thoughts either way and add your vote if you agree!

I miss it as well.

I find more irritating the arrows more than the rest.


Couldn’t agree more, @Itty!

Well articulated and thoughtful article.

One of the reasons why folks seem so upset about FA is that they only see first hand how their offenses are having to overcome FA. We don’t see how it works for us on D, just an outcome. Even if folks’ alliance wins which may well be because the opposing alliance struggled hard with FA, the emotional response is tied to their flag use, not often balanced by seeing their D +FA thwart the other teams.

Saying to folks that both defenses benefit from FA is logical but brushed off by clouded emotion. It’s disappointing but human nature I guess.

I hope the people who have spent so much time and energy complaining about FA don’t decide that mana speed or minions are worth starting another picket line for raging against.


Add the sand hero’s who are good for field aid and sargasso.
Got my vote the more diffrent wars there are the better I don’t think 6 different types of war is too much.


Field Aid still exist, next week you will see it.


I hope you are right @yelnats_24 :wink:. I like field aid too… Just in case, my vote added.

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Agreed, you have my vote too. I get frustrated with FA too but think it’s a good counter balance to the advantage attacking teams have. I think it’s generally too easy to “hit above your weight” in this game and FA helps to level that out just a little bit.

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i don’t think it was removed. we got two new war rules making the usual cycle different order and longer.


But in that thread earlier guvnor said that staff has got rid of FA.
So it’s all bit up in the air, just have to wait a see what happens I guess :woman_shrugging:


Not here womp. Vote? :slightly_smiling_face:

We just had the second arrows and now have moved on to equalizer, so looks like this rotation is not the most current

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Got my vote, bring it back and add to the rotation. Don’t replace anything just add. Variety is the spice of life :grin::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I’ll cast a vote :slight_smile:

I personally didn’t mind field aid and never understood the hate it got.

It was different and variety is the spice of life as the saying goes.



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I can’t understand it either. It was the easiest one for me.


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I never liked field aid, but I’d happily take it back over War Equalizer


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