🐙 Bogart – 4* Holy / Yellow from Abyss Hunters

This little frog is a total beast!

These stats are comparable to an S1 5* +20+CB (no LB though) just to put that into context

Well regular DD stacks with elemental DD, so they actually work quite nicely together.

In fact, my new favorite yellow stack is now Bogart-c1Leo-Faline. If no withstand/evade/dodge business happens, 3 heroes are reliably dead 95% of the time.

The DD? Yes absolutely it’s the second highest in the game right now for holy (Zekena gives -56% but only to one, and it’s random).

But WB is fast, and still has better stats especially with CB. For titans this frog is probably the better choice, but for war teams, cWB would probably sill serve you better if you have him.

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I will probably use cc Leo, c Leo, Topaz chargex2 or x3

Got him on one of three pulls I had. Couldn’t be happier, just what I needed for titans to make a better yellow team


For titans Zekena is better, as the second hit always lands on the only target.
More damage from the special, and 56% DD every turn.

But of course, Bogart has higher rates of being summoned

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Just started working on him. Lots of potential there.

His art makes me chuckle every time I see him :smile:


Level 80 Bogart spotted in the wild (not mine)


I got Bogart but he is unleveled. Wondering if I should focus on my best 4 stars (including him and C2 Kellie) before the five stars… seems like will be more beneficial for war depth.

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Yes, for war, making 3 4* heroes as good as a 5* would be better I think.

If you don’t have many 5* healers, then LBing 4*s would be good as the heal percentage is as good for many of them.

For hitters, it’s a bit harder decision because their SS damage % won’t be as high as 5*s so you’re looking for increased survivability from the stats and a winning skill like mana control, def down, or EDD for example. The 3 S1 2nd costumes are also good since they already have very high stats but you’ll need 3 Alpha Aethers for the main + 1 each for the costumes.


I can think of Vivi costume.

I haven’t had the good fortune of pulling CLeo, CViv or Zekena, but I did manage to pull this guy!

I’m really glad I noticed he’s a yellow DD and didn’t just feed him away. He has become a mainstay on my purple hitting Titan team. Along with Jackal’s EDD and Malosi’s Crit bonus my scores are now pretty respectable.


I’m loving my LB Bogart and am thinking about making him a 2 LB. Who has pulled the trigger?

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C.Roc gives higher DD for all.

But Bogart is a really good useful hero, against purple tanks in war, one wants to have more than one yellow DD in the roster.

Mine is almost ready and waiting for his first battle.

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I pulled the trigger and haven’t regretted it.

Especially since I don’t have another holy DD.


Thanks. I am the same way in holy. He may be my best ddown hero overall. I probably need to get my second Magni leveled so I can try out cMagni as ddown since I use the second costume almost exclusively.

He is so much fun. He’s rapidly become a mainstay in a variety of yellow formations. Hits hard, amazing defense down, and he’s a tough little bugger.

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Pff, didn’t get him yet. And I don’t have any other yellow regular DD hero yet after over 5 years of playing lol. Easiest to get yellow DD even though 4*? Still hard to get for me.