BLADE’S FURY![Tfg] recruiting (full for now)

Recruiting 2 to fill.

Part of the [Tfg] family alliance, we are an international chatty bunch, comprised of some very knowledgeable players that can help you grow. We use Line for additional communication. Our rank is between 200-500 when full, and we want to keep it in this range. We are competitive in this alliance range. The only requirements are to hit titans daily and to use all war flags if opt in.
We’re chaining 14* titan. Most die at the 12 hour mark. So if you don’t like skipping titans, this is the place to be.
War strategy is simple. Waves with FFA after 2 waves. Purple tanks. We don’t require you to double tap your targets since we have great cleaners for that purpose. So if you have 6 strong teams that is capable of single shots, you can swing away in war. We have great teamwork and communication during war and all war flags are used here.
Come by and hang out with a great bunch if you’re interested. Hope to see you warring with us and be part of our team.


Looking for 2 to join our team.

Come check us out, we have a good core group with lots of knowledge.

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Looking to fill up our group, drop by if interested.

We’re full for now. But if interested, please let me know.