Best new heroes?

What are your thoughts on the new heroes? Which ones do you think are best? Which ones do you think suck?

I got Agwe and Gadeirus, I think Agwe sucks but Gadeirus looks kinda interesting. I also kinda like the new 3* yellow Melia, might be good for titans combined with an attack buff.

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It is cool that they added new 3* heroes with new abilities. I have Gill-Ra who is the only 3* with status ailment dispel. Gonna level her up and use her on events. Attack and defense debuff on the enemies is cool too.

Don’t know what to think about Ameona (?) - the ghost form girl. Her special seems…odd. Used her on low level farming and her being immune to any attacks while in ghost form is cool. Maybe she’d good for lower level raids?

I think Agwe could be useful on green titans (9* and below) and in general against green monsters because of his strong Nature defense buff for all.

I drew Gadeirus, but I’m not excited at all. Mainly because of the Slow special.

Already have Vivica, Kiril, Rigard, Kashrek.

I already have Isarnia, which kinda looks similar but way stronger. Also for Titans I think an extra red instead of blue results in more damage? Only saving grace for Agwe is his average mana speed.

How does defense versus elements work? Is it calculated for specials as well?

In your case I understand, but it’s my first green 4* and healer so I guess he’s OK for me. He’s kinda allround, and I’m missing a Boldtusk so he will probably be a worthwile addition.

If Agwe is the blue dude he is super weak on green titans. I would never even consider bringing him to a titan fight. He equals nearly 0 damage.

like I said, if anything, it would be for his defense buff, not his attack.

Is it wu kong best or only must have ? Tarlak has same status. Other heroes you can substitute but not Tarlak. So here SG will earn a lot money…

Of the new 4-stars I would definatelly consider worth leveling Proteus, Wilbur and Triton. The others I do not see as game changers.
The 5-stars are both great if you are lucky to get them.

Based on 4* heroes.

Triton (fast sniper with a side of healing bonus)
Ameonna (undying ghost mode especially against titans)
Sumitomo (makes a pretty decent tank/flank that keeps firing that special)
Wilbur (all good things are meant to be shared and leave the bad ones to your enemies)
Proteus (mini Hel)

Gadeirus (slow and slightly squishy)
Agwe (mini Perseus)
Gobbler (anti Delilah anyone?)
Danzaburo (a downgraded version of Rumplestilskin)

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Heroes are simply awful.
Awful registration, average characteristics.
Such feeling that the developer has left unfinished work.

Sorry, didn’t meant to be an non-enthusiastic forum member. I just got disappointed by my own drawings this event.

Like all 4* healer, this one is good too. But like you said, in my case where I already leveled multiple heroes he has no priority. But I did remember my first time drawing an above 3* healer. I was very happy too :slight_smile:

What are your thoughts on Wilbur, and how best to use him?

Is he meant to be a tank, flank, is he worth investing in?

I got him, ghost girl, and green slow robot. Wilbur seems like the most interesting that might actually have impact for someone at the 4 star level.

Wilbur seems to be designed to be awesome against titans where shared enemy defense has no meaning.

Wilbur is great when you have heavy hitters on your team. Use it once you have them ready launch those skills. Or when you have any of your team heavily damaged.

why on counters of Atlantis don’t give new heroes. Instead of it you receive Hokmun???

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I was looking forward to own Gobbler & glad I have it now by my side! He will avenge whoever kills my minions from Delilah & Red Hood & take my enemy minions down. Also, kicking all adversity faces at the same time sounds good to me!


We would like to send a complaint to the
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The second complaint is regarding the wu kong, where its failures have increased and is no longer as effective as before in titan , which will result in a delay in most of the alliances from what it used to be , because of the weak strikes.

The third complaint would be about the power of tarlak, which is considered as an epic and destructive force that makes the player who possess it far more superior than the player who does not . We haven’t found a hero yet which increases the strength of 160 percent without failure, and that makes it almost inevitable to have by most players, yet it is difficult to get and the chances of its appearance are very rare and expensive.