Best new heroes?

I have to disagree on the last part. I got Tarlak and Misandra on a 10x summons. It doesn’t have to be expensive if you don’t want it to be. Nobody is forcing you to press that button and spend those gems. If you don’t have Tarlak it’s not the end of the world honestly.


I had tarlak

Then I don’t understand the complaint? You got him, you want everyone else to have him? Or did you spend too much to get him? Either way it’s not like he’s some OP hero.

Yes i spent much.and other cant spend same.

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But that’s not SGG’s fault?

Not everyone has to have Tarlak, it’s not necessary to play the game. It’s a nice to have, like a Chanel purse, yes I want it, am I going in debt for it? No. Do I NEED it? Hell no. Life is full of choices, as an adult you have to make the ones that make sense for you and your budget.

As for those that can’t afford to spend, well time to work a side hustle. :wink: Cheers!

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Wow, you are one fair person. I like you!

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As strong as tarlak is, as far as I can tell, a debuff basically would counter his special anyway. So he isn’t over powered of he can be stopped.

Tarlak will be just another Guin…and just like Guin…he will be conquered. If I’ve learned nothing else from this game…I’ve learned that ANY team at ANY ranked level can lose at ANY point of the game…

The number 1 rank spot changes like clothes in a Walmart dressing room


What I really don’t understand is Wilbur. He gives -44% def !!! That’s the same as isarnia, who is a 5* slow. He is 4* medium !! And in addition you get +63% Def and share all damage. That is unbelievable op.
If you get that lucky, pair him with his family members (those 2 new 5*s) and a falcon and a boldtusk (or lancelot).
And you have a stunning +154% Att (100% of time, unlike wu), +63% Def shared damage, 2 (light) healers (2 if choosing boldtusk), living Manapotion, for enemy -44% def shared damage (-98% against your red tiles and heros).
With all activated you wouldn’t need a lot of combos to annihilate any enemy hero or monster group.


Bonjour jaimerais beaucoup faire ta connaissance et que l’on parle du jeux ensemble si ça te tante

Parlez vous anglais? Mon français n’est pas bon. Merci!

Je suis pas très bonne en anglais comment tu t’appelle ?

Je suis désolé je préfère te parler en français jaimerais beaucoup faire ta connaissance si tu le souhaite et parler du jeux ?

Désolé je ne connais pas beaucoup le français, je devrais utiliser Google Translate.

Je trouve que tu parle bien français pour une personne qui ne connais pas l bien le français tu te débrouille bien c’est quoi ton prenom ?

Jaimerais beaucoup faire ta connaissance

Guinevere did not surprise me.

Tu veux pas faire des efforts en français pour me parler

I got TarLeK on my second pull. :slight_smile:

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