Baby Dragons are looking Active players

The Baby Dragons, appropriately named, are looking for some ACTIVE mid level players to join our semi-fledgling alliance. We have several Highly active, charismatic, core members that have been carrying some dead weight for some time so we, as of today, unanimously voted on dropping all members that not only weren’t participating in the Wars, etc. but wouldn’t even bother to use the individual “opt out” feature. We’re a small group of “good people” looking for like minded mid level players. Some of us have a full set of 6 teams(like myself) for Wars, some don’t but if they don’t they are a heavy hitter and working on building other teams now. All we ask is at least 400 trophies and that our members Participate! As of now our only rules are if you miss 2 Wars without opting out (due to how matchmaking works) you’re out. If you’re inactive for 15 days, you’re out. We are looking to build a team of people that care about this alliance so if you’re just a “ehhh, I might play, might not . For a week” kinda person, dont apply. Our core members are around 3200 power and our newbies are working their way up. If you’re looking for a place to grow, possibly shine if you’re higher level, come on board! If you just wanna jump in for a day or two, please don’t waste our time.

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