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Avalon: Hdfg

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Any mana Control heroes around in your rooster ?

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Kill her with fire!

Wu Kong and red heroes works well, the best would be to have Hansel but even Peters, Merlin and Proteus could work.


Stack red, bring a healer and a mana controller. For rare, I like Hawkmoon and Azar. For Epic, Boldtusk and Chao, unless you have Proteus, Merlin or Gretel


Items items items…cause a ridiculous amount of damage to her before she has a chance to build up mana to use her special…then…I would also recommend using time stops as well so that when she DOES build up the mana, the time stop drops it back down to 0…just throw everything you have at her…the items aspect of the game comes in really handy in cases like these…arrows, bombs, axes, Dragon attacks all good wAys to cause damage without raising her mana…and time stops when her mana bar is getting over half full


I just finished the final stage with this teams and the item :wink::wink:

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Can we see your team? So we can help you :wink::wink:

I definitely go with bombs/arrows/axes for tough bosses



Use Victor to steal it back from her.


Yup. Ljohn but 2/10 :confused:

so my roster: RedHood 5* 3/70 , gadeirus 4/70, sonya 4/70, colen 4/70, skittle 3/60, boril 3/60 - also in development caedmon, ljohn, tiburtus - prioritising tiburtus for titan

Has anyone brought Kailani/Wilbur to fight Morgan. How does that work out?

Gadeirus, tiburtus level ?/?, colen, sonya, caedmon level ?/?

Colen is very reliable, but you have to keep on keeping it from being killed, and try to always turn on the colen skill. use trooper that adds blood to colen. ingredients of war red bottles, blue bottles, bombs, axes. as usual ghost tiling and throwing all weapons focus on le fay


caedmon level ?/?


I guess stage 8 ill manage… but at 10 :confused:

thinking of - morgan first, arthur second, last guin

tiburtus is very much needed to lower the opponent’s defense just then we throw all the weapons and release all our hero skills. but tiburtus is better improved to 3/60 skill 8

You’ll want to take out Guin first imo. She’s just going to suck your mana dry if you leave her there too long.


I choice first morgan le fay, second guin, final arthur :grin::grin::grin:


sucking mana is better than health :slight_smile:


fair point, I don’t recall how I did it last time.

I may play around with my team and run 3-2 of a mix of purple and red.

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