Avgfdh to deal dfdispellable lifeg

Legendary i used 2 pp, 1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow

I have been using exactly the same up until now.

Wilbur joon khiona lianna rigard

I use same like christmas event
My favorite team for event :grin::grin:

I used Boldtusk Wilbur Falcon Elena 3/70 Wukong for both epic and legendary. Plain and simple without items. The combo power is just too strong.

yes it’s very fun a lot of powerful combos unlike in the Christmas event, it really makes you sleepy looking at the frozen tiles :rofl::rofl:

hows the event going for you?

I beat legendary and just about to finish epic.

im at stage 5. decided to lvlup my tiburtus until i go on again. he’s 3/10 now. skill 5. ill get him to 4/70 skill 8 in 1 day/
im gonna do only the intermediate level.

rare sucks - farmable
legendary is surely to tough for me

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If you have time I would at least give legendary a shot. Doesn’t hurt. Then next time you have something to shoot for.

I agree regarding rare. I was thinking about leveling up a team but it just doesn’t pay off


do you have an avalon map?


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Li Xiu LJ BT Kelile Rigard - Epic

Zim LJ Rigard Drake BT/Kel - Legendary

Hawk Belith Nash Bane Bal - Rare

These were my teams

I personally find MLF the hardest to deal with too.

I brought axes dragons etc

It is not that. I mean this :grin::grin:

In that link… Post 1… You find that too :wink:
But thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok :grin::grin:
how about the christmas event? what level have you reached?

Stage 18 - after using big items on Mother especially :stuck_out_tongue:

although i want that ring, 24 and Mother are too tough.

I think it is possible, the important thing is to use these 3 strong weapons against MN and strengthen tiburtus and caedmon

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how did you use Elena in epic??? Am I missing something?

maybe he forgot to mention one more hero used in epic :grin::grin:

Answer is… when in doubt, nuke em.

Legendary difficulty, no respawn, lvl 16 forge items (super mana pot would be safer but I forgot). Bosses never fired off a shot. I brought marjana as my nuker but used her special just once on bosses. Ended up using Scarlett’s special cause it hits 3. Tib/gormek would have been way better/easier. Hardest part was surviving wave 1.


I used 3/70 Elena on legendary and 4/70 Scarlett on epic stage

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