🔵 [Aug 7, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Just need a little Inari in your life is all

I’ll save the emblems and use them later… no big need for them at the moment.


Khiona (3) -Inari (3)-Quintus-Cheshire (17), Ameonna

  1. Same Team. Just more emblems on Chesh.
  2. It was easier.
  3. No items. Barely scraped by but made it.
  4. Gave to Jackal (12) and Cheshire (18)
  5. Aegir got my trainer.


That has worked well for me given my options. Margaret’s dodge is growing on me. Wish it applied to all allies, though.


3rd stage was too hard for my team still. Sabina - Kellie - Dawa - Graymane - Scarlett. All are maxed, some emblems on Sabina & Scarlett.

Other hero options are:
Maxed: Jahangir, Layla
Half leveled: Carver
Barely started: Ameonna, Skittleskull

Maybe next time.


Sabina, Kelile, Scarlett, Musashi and Jackal made it pretty smooth. Good boards made it quicker than normal. Used 2 axe and 3 medium health. Triton ate the trainer, he was still hungry after I fed him his twin too? How does he not have a gut? I need to find out his secret!!


Scarlet, Sabina, Inari, Kellie & Jackal

Inari was amazing… Dodge, dodge, dodge. I need to give her more attention. Emblems and trainer in my inventory for safe keeping.


Just beat the final stage. Team composition:
Marjana: maxed + 5
Kelile: 3/60
Sabina: 3/60
Danza: 3/60
Carve: maxed

Danza performed surprisingly well this time. I got mostly sword and bottle, really helped my war effort. Had to use a couple of axes, bombs and dragon attacks; but in the end I was able to finish it.


You can do it, look at my past team:

This team complete the last stage of the trials with less than 2400TP.

At that time I only have Jahangir and Shaarkot (2*) instead of Kelile and Scarlett, my Sabina was only at 3/60.

The boss only have slightly above 3900 HP, which means if you bring 5 of axes, bombs, and dragon attacks, you can spend 3 axes during the regular mob waves, preferably at the beginning of the first and fourth wave or if Scarlett attack debuff inactive (save the remaining 2 axes, 5 bombs, and 5 dragon attacks for carpet bombing against the bosses). Keep ghosting before new wave. The last item slot is best for healing potion.


This was probably the fastest I ever completed a trial! It was fun, having to stack those colors worked out perfect for me ans so this was one of the funnest I’ve had in a while!


In the first cycle of the trials, back in February, I used Kelile, Jahangir, Carver, Cochin and Graymane. Barely made it to the bosses and let loose the arsenal.

Fast forwards six months and it was Kelile+19, Sabina+19, Scarlett, Marjana (3.70) and Quintus (3.70). Used a few minor healing potions.

Progress! It can feel awfully slow at times, but if you look back far enough you can see the improvements.


It worked, barely. I often will try carpet bombing, but it failed last cycle, and wasn’t up for trying it again. Guess that’s the strategy for this one for me going forward.


Or I could just pull Guardian Jackal to replace Dawa. :smiley:

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