Athena talent grid

So this is the question.Which way i should go to her talent grid?left on attack or right defense?I also have her on my def team


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I take all heroes except pure snipers Def first - on the principle that I want them alive longer. Others make a strong case for the best defence is a good offence… I’m not sure it’s settled yet. My advice is Def/Life if she’s on your defence team, but I do not have her, so I’m certainly not speaking from a position of great insight.


Assuming she’s at 1 node only, your choice in the first fork will lead to defense regardless. The choice here is really between attack or health.

Personally I’d lean towards attack + defense myself, so the left. I like her tile damage, and she’ll pick up a fair amount of defense along the attack path.


thank u very very much for ur responses.left it is:)

It isn’t, and it’s very much a matter of personal preference and roster specifics, IMO. I’ve done both +Def/+Health and +Att/+X on different heroes.

And you always get some survivability boost on the paths with Attack in them no matter what, so it’s not an all-or-nothing question.

The real key deciding lines are when you can eke one more average slash of survivability out. So, for instance, on Melendor, I got him over the extra average slash line, then focused on extra attack to help with tile damage. It’s worked pretty well so far.

If you can’t do that, often +Attack is a really good call.


Since I run Mono, defence is far more important on most heroes than offence or tile damage. I have tile damage galore - though that may shift when 5*s cross the +10/15 line… of people are wise enough to go defence. :wink:

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On defense, +Def/+Health is almost certainly the way to go, so it will eventually start shoving you towards needing more +Attack.

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