ℹ Athena – 5* Ice/Blue - Jul 2017 HotM

It is not written on the card. -41% … 4% decrease per hit…6 hits -65%

It is not written down for Kingston either…maximum -51% attack down after 5 hits.

Thanks Guv… What I meant with the assumption is that it isn’t stated anywhere, although I know for a fact that it caps out at -65%… Was kinda disappointed when I first saw it during an attack.

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Thank you Viking. Would be nice if we knew exactly what it did by reading what it does lol

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Agreed…20x times…

@PlayForFun and @Guvnor Athena is missing her new elemental link and family bonus. Here is a photo of what they are:

No rush obviously and thank you again so much for all you do around here! :+1:


On this screenshot I see them @Muchacho

Where is the location where you can not see it ?

Here’s mine. It’s all there.

I meant on the card and description used at the top of this thread. The elemental link and family bonus aren’t listed there. The pic of my card was to reference to add it.

Sorry for the mix up, thanks again.


Oh, I see.

As this topic is @Guvnor 's only he or maybe @Dudeious.Maximus can fix it.
It is most likely missing to all other old hotms too.

The family bonus is might missing from some Ho/tM, which are added by me.
I can fix those.


Ill have a brouse when i get in … Im on me way home

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Over the last two days we (@Dudeious.Maximus and me) have added these missing elemental links and family bonuses to all HoTMs as at hleast the family bonus was missed from almost all of them.

Thx for noticing it.
Let us know if you see some problem somewhere.


No problem, I did the easy part. Thanks to you and @Dudeious.Maximus for making all those changes and for all the other work you do.



I’m using her against red titans. Even standing at 2/60 she’s causing an impact in the team

Hi, I managed to pull Athena yesterday. I was just wondering whether she’s any good? And Worth limit breaking?

She is good, if she is worth LB depends on your other heroes.

I use her against red titans, her defence down (DD) is potentially the highest. Depending on your options for elemental defence down (EDD), her costume does both DD and EDD, so also works well against red titans.

Don’t use her that much in Raids, prefer fast or very fast attackers. She does pair well with Costume Perseus, same colour and 2017 family bonus. He does the EDD at fast speed.

Works fine in a 2nd or 3rd blue war team with a mana troop that makes her charge with 9 tiles.

Obviously works well in quests, a big DD always helps.

I would upgrade her if I didn’t already have her. I guess it depends on what your blue options are…

Thank you so much for all your information I will definitely take your advice and level her up, thanks again.

Athena classic

Athena limit broken

Athena limit broken with the costume bonus buff

Yeah I understand that the costume version was also not on par with newer heroes, but hiding such a big buff behind a paywall is brutal. Yeah the costume (and those of most other Hotm) are now great and the original if you own a costume too. But if someone hasn’t summoned her a second time, they get left behind.

Attack 150 points
Defense 200 points
Health 500 points

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I just got her from HA. What do you think about this hero? Is she still relevant in today meta? Or not worthy to use mats?

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Still remains an excellent titan hero, I can’t think of another hero that can provide the (up to) -65% defence debuff that she can.

Her defence debuff scales with minion hits too so in the right team she’s deadly. But probably needs LB to survive against the top teams nowadays.