Asking for a KOREAN hero

By this reasoning, then the Ancient Tiger Titan is Korean then since the South Korean national animal is the tiger right?


What is Korean Guilds Alliance (KGA) ? Which alliances are in it? Is it a LINE Chat group?

Where can I find Information about it?

I did a Naver search to try and find a link or post to learn more… nothing…

KGA is not one alliance. Several alliances gathered under that name. You can check a few Korean alliances in the top 100. If KGA is in the description they are member.
Hope that I answered your question

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  1. We are asking a hero not any character.
  2. Beside the fact that it’s tiger what else suggest that the ancient tiger is Korean? He doesn’t have any clue that can tell his cultural base. At least if he has name or wearing a cloth we could judge.
  3. Unlike panda which live mainly in central China (wikipedia), tigers live in many asian countries. I don’t think we can use the same logic.
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I think you misunderstood my point in my previous post and missed the sarcasm.

My point in my previous comment just was that it is absurd to assume the ethnicity or nationality of character solely based off what animal that character is. @President was assuming Bai Yeong is Chinese because he is a panda. By this logic, I was making a sarcastic parallel comparison. Ofc the Ancient Tiger isn’t korean or based off korean lore.

This is exactly what I mean. Ofc you can’t assume the ancient tiger is korean.

That being said, you can’t assume Bai Yeong is Chinese just because he’s a panda. The name “Yeong” is not Chinese. There is no pronunciation or pinyin spelling of “yeong” in Chinese. On the other hand, from my understanding, “Yeong” (also Young, Yong, Yung) is a name in Korean.

Cool, I would like a Dutch hero, has no mana, but thc level, and when it’s full, it forgets to attack :smile:

I see your point.
Still just because there is ‘young’ in his name doesn’t make him Korean neither.

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I’d love to see some of these ideas in the form of hero card art. It would be really interesting to see the creativity that’s out there.

I am locking for a list of hero names in Korean along with English for building a help bot. Is there anyone who can help?

Yep. There should be a season or event for each major mythology tree.