Asking for a KOREAN hero

To the developer of Empires and Puzzles (Small Giant)

I am writing this on the behalf of Korean Guilds Alliance (KGA). We are a group consisted of leaders and co-leaders from multiple Korean guilds (i.e. alliance).
Before everything, we like to thank you for developing this game as many of us find happiness and pleasure in it especially around this hard time.

The most interesting part of this game is obviously the heroes. However, we cannot but notice that there is no Korean hero in EP yet. Even though it is not as grandiose as Scandinavian myth there are many characters that you might consider for new EP hero.
Below are some examples coming from Korean myth.

  1. Hae Mo-su:
  2. Dokkaebi:
  3. Hong Gildong:
  4. Jeon Woo-chi:
  5. Chunhyang:

As you can see, there are lots of interesting Korean character as a candidate for EP hero. We are eager to send more information if necessary.

We believe that developing a hero based on a country’s myth is a win-win situation that benefits all players. For example, Korean players will be happy to meet a hero from their own myth and other people can enlarge their knowledge by playing this game. I am sure that it will make EP more interesting.

Starting from 23rd of April 2019, when the Korean version of Empire and Puzzles (EP) was first introduced, numerous Korean players and alliances are passionate in EP. You are probably aware that many of them spent time and money on a similar level compared to other countries’ that this game is introduced earlier. Lots of (if not all) Korean players agree that a game like EP which is played in all around the world should develop heroes with more various culture. There are 1 or 2 hero that maybe other people think it is a Korean character but anyone who is familiar with Korean culture will confirm that there is none. I cannot speak out for other countries, but I am quite certain that some people will appreciate to see a hero with a familiar name.

I hope that you will seriously consider about this issue.

Thank you for your attention till the end.
Best regards,

All members of Korean Guilds Alliance
And other Korean users who already agreed about this issue.

Wow. That’s a really good idea. Each country has its own mythical heroes, so it would be even more fun if you show them in the game. I really like this.


I want this request to be accepted.


It is very good idea. I agree it.


Yes. It would be great to see familiar heroes if accepted.


I hope they will accept it too.:slight_smile:


It’s gonna be coooool


Wow finally!!!
I will be happy to see them in EP even one!!!
Tank 1963. Thanks for asking this ~~~
It will be great if more details suggest like which classes and what skills they have.


Yeah we could have some korean heros in enpire and puzzles because they have alot korean users are playing this games i agrees this request are normal.
We hope empire and puzzle small giant can make some create korean heros for more exciting and fun!!!


This is very good idea for the diversity of heros globally. Even E&P started based on European history, now this is good time to release Korean heros. Korean users are little bit disappointed that there are Japanese heros (Mitsuko, Kake and etc) and Chinese heros (HuTao, Chao and etc), but no Korean heros.
Hope SG consider this issue seriously and hope see Korean heros soon.

All the best!


Welcome to the Forum @Gwang, @Guy5, @Walking.Ak, @happygirl1 , and @Rmtony , I love this request and it’s really great to see you all come out to support it :+1: Looking forward to chatting with you all around the forum :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope this will be applied very much.


I thought Joon was Korean? it is a Korean name…

Anyway +1 for sourcing Korea as inspiration for Season 4. All sorts of cool stuff there!


It is very good idea. I agree it. X2


This suggestion is so cool. Very good idea.
I want korea character too.


Sounds good. Actually korea is one of a big market for sg. Maybe it is bigger than china and japan as we can see more korean alliance than them.


I totally agree this. Korea need their own hero.


I thought Joon was too. And isn’t Bai Yeong also Korean?


good idea!! i agree it.


I agree korean hero ye~~~~


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