🎭 [Apr 20, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

All duplicate costumes.
I completed the event. The mob waves are always harder than the bosses. They take me 10 mins on the last stage, and the boss took me 1 minute lol.

My summons - first 3 are from keys I already had:


So we should not expect the new costumes soon?
I ask because if somebody already got costumes from previous events, then they should restrain from spending keys now and wait.

I still need plenty so don’t mind using free keys I get…
Li Xiu, Isarnia, Richard, Joon, boldtusk…

Not until V29 is released I wouldn’t think.

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Hi all I got these three constumes , please tell me whether base hero or constume hero is more powerful for these 3 ? Thanks

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Argh…wow, sorry to hear…there has to be a better fix!

Great pulls! In my experience, you have to equally level them up, if you didn’t already have that character before. You won’t be able to ascend to the next level until the regular version is ascendable, then max out the costume to ascend it. Once your costume has more than your regular, I’d say it more powerful. Hope that makes sense.

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Still no Rigard costume but by far one of my best days ever pulling

4 Pulls
2 Hawkmoon
1 Brienne
1 Quintus
1 Malosi

and I’m done unless one of my chests gives me one more key until then because I have 4 right now


Two more visits to the Chamber and…

Duplicate Boldtusk :frowning_face:

Gunnar number 8 :confounded:

I give up until some new costumes replace the existing ones. (But SGG will probably just add so I will get to double figures on Gunnar (and possibly Hawkmoon)).

Now waiting for Valhalla.

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Have a read of my thread linked in the OP here:

Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?

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Three free pulls with my saved keys got me new Bane and new Tyrum costumes along with a repeat Hawkmoon which I was actually hoping for as her first costume was rushed levelled, has been sitting on 5 skill for a while and using spare costumes is the quickest way to level it.

The first 4 rounds of Masquerade got me another pull and another Hawkmoon so her costume is now up to 7.

Just waiting for WE to fill again before moving onto the last 2 rounds and one final pull. Been able to complete it since February and so shouldn’t have any problems now my heroes have been levelled further and I’m able to make more items.

No plans to spend for this event though and so any further pulls will depend on how lucky I am with key drops.

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Those must be the two worst costumes featured there lol. So far 18 pulls, and I am planning on exactly one more. Missing one key to have it gem-free, Mystic Vision, I am looking at you.

Sonya (dupe), Li XIu (dupe) and a whole bunch of 3 star feeders. Then the last one got me Rigard who I gladly welcome, wanted to get him ever since I saw this costume in beta. Didn’t like the fact they did not manage to introduce the new costumes, but with them likely coming in the next round, this was probably last chance to get Rigard at good odds.

But what I was really chasing here was Malosi, and he didn’t happen.

Overall bittersweet, could be better, but Rigard saved it from being a total disaster.


Tyrum costume is one of the few 3* cleansers, don’t disregard it. Quite useful.

Bane’s yeah is kinda dumb and worth only if you want the stat bonus

Yeah except I already have him (and all other 3 star) maxed and had like 10 extra copies of it.

That doesn’t make it “one of the worst costumes featured there”

No new hero costumes? I’ll be saving gems and keys for the new costumes.

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Featured costumes are Elena and Quintus this round.

Oh, I thought you were replying to the commenter before you who said he pulled Tyrum and Bane and that you were referring to those.

That being said yeah probably, but I got Quintus so I kinda like him now I guess lol

5 pulls and I got Costume Rigard - for the first time, so I am quite happy with this result.


Yup, I do have Quintus as well, staying at 1/1 same as original hero(es, in 3 copies now!). I hoped not to get a dupe of it really, at least that was successful.

Whether or not you value something depends on what other options you have at hand. Probably 2 years ago hero like costumed Quintus would be considered quite strong, but now it’s nowhere close to the A-league. And currently nothing but A-league matters :woozy_face: