Anya's Ascention Chart

Dear fellow players. I guess we all often ask ourselves how many hams, time, recruits and feeder heroes are needed to raise a 4 and 5 star hero to max level.
To answer to this question, I have put together a chart that allows you to see just that, and how you can achieve your goals using the most common training camps for feeder heroes.
Here’s the link:

Please let me know your feedback.


Thanks, very informative

Nice sheet thanx.

One note: your TC13 production assumptions should me more like 97% 3* and 3% 4* since you can‘t get 1*/2* out of it :wink:

Oh! Is that so! Thank you!

It has been ages since I last used it…

Quite useful, thanks for this @Anya_the_Dude. I only recently realized the rising cost of levelups based on star level etc… for a long time I’ve been spoiled perhaps by having more food than I could use, but not anymore. This makes things more clear now :slight_smile:

I think I will for my own use add calculations to highlight XP per hour, hams per XP for each TC level, etc… a different perspective on cost. Let me know if you wish me to contribute this back - but it might be a little while before I get around to doing this in a nice enough way to share…

Hey @ChoppedLiver! There’s some of that in the table already. But let’s have a chat and see what else can be implemented there. Add me on Line. My ID is “anya.ep”.


This were just what I were in need, thanks :slight_smile:
This topic have to jump on “latest” to give the chance to players to see it easily.

@Anya_the_Dude - thank you for the wonderful chart. I have a recommendation: you could significantly shorten (and simplify) the first 6 columns by removing the redundant information. That is, each additional tier after tier 1 only needs the 10 extra levels beyond the previous tier since the experience for the ones below that is exactly the same.