Another „Who to LB purple“ :-)

Sorry to bother you guys with another topic of „who to limit break“, but it‘s really helpful and sometimes it is s tough decision to make. :slight_smile:

I have this three being available for LB:


I got Xnolphod lately and lean towards him. But in the last wars I used cFreya as tank with Arco on the right flank and it seems to be a good match.

Possible lineups:

cPanther on the other hand is a versatile offensive hero, who lacks on defense power. So another good choice.

So - what are your recommendations?

Thank you!!! :+1:

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xnol will lit all his teammate mana. this game is about mana and who cast ss first


Xnol is amazing but I think he’s sturdy enough to survive as tank and LB will not change his SS! I like the idea of LB C-Freya as she probably will be a monster combined with Arco!

Having said that, I think my vote would go to Panther so she becomes more sturdy!