Another player leaves


Well just after this post I earned the right to be a regular. :blush:



If thats a decision made from IRL problems then it’s not a good choice, it is THE BEST choice.
Who cares about this whole thing in the first place then?
It’s just a game.

But i hope that this “last message” of yours reach the right persons, if that’s your intent.

What else to say? Good luck.


Find a nice alliance and never visit global chat.


If you are leaving due to a real life issue I wont presume to offer any advice or opinion as those are choices we all make on our own. If you are leaving over feeling ostracised by some group or several groups over something so trivial as what you described in your example. You are better off without that negativity and the people that perpetuate it. If you find yourself in continual conflicts with others and tend to run from them then it may be time to look at yourself


==So many paywalled/ RNG locked heroes==

This is unfortunately aggravated by Devs marketing and development plans, especially new heroes like HotM, challenge events, seasonal events, etc.

While strategic leveling is good, I am always leveling one rainbow bow team with matching 1* heroes and a second rainbow team with matching 2*/ 3* and the occasional 4* hero- for a total of ten heroes being leveled based on their current special skill 1/8 to 8/8.

==Taking a break==

I found taking a 4 month break from any play ( losing 3600 daily gems), looking at my 3*/ 4* heroes with fresh eyes, ignoring my 5* heroes, and concentrating on my gaps in my rainbow 4* hero team helped a lot even though I had an awesome alliance that was always there for me and Gryphonkit, my wife.

I cannot imagine going through :poop: like that with a poor alliance.

==Good people ==

If you decide to come back, there are a lot of good people here.

If you had these problems, my wife had similar problems and I had similar problems, there are surely thousands of players with similar problems.

Finding them can be tough, but they are out there.

Anyone lurking on this topic, it’s okay to take a break, it’s okay to get frustrated. In the end it is only a game.



So, @SocialPariah, you sound pretty conflicted about leaving friends and leaving the game. If you are sure, delete the game and go with many best wishes.

I have Troll Akademi, and I am willing to warehouse your current player as co leader so you can always change your mind and it is there for you.

Good luck

Line ID: DiceTroll


Sounds like you’ve simply been unlucky with your alliance(s)? Not every alliance is a drama theatre. Ours is drama free, friendly, mature and competitive without being overbearing. That’s not to say we never had an occasional problem with anyone, but that’s inevitable with any grouping of random 30 people. If you change your mind and your main team is at least 3500 or close to it, look up Unified Revengers. We have two spots open right now. You then can continue enjoying the game and we’ll be closer to getting back to top 100. Win win :wink:


If your main reason to leave the game after 18 months is bad luck in the alliances, why not making your own???

I think that if you are here, talking to the people of the forum, you have not made your final decision, otherwise you would simply leave.

I belong to a group of friends with 2 alliances, main and one “school” we use to develop, or simply enjoy other accounts wihtout pressures of any kind.

Actually the only pressure there is in the main alliance is to KILL THE TITAN, if you do it with 5 Gravemakers, or one Bane and one Tuck, that is entirely up to you.

If you are interested, I can give you the info.

if not, good luck and farewell.


I am not following and have gotten the idea even if you are in an alliance you are alone no one seems to respond to questions or to actually communicate or even work against a Tipton or other team sorry am seeing a gripe that seems not true is more likely the game making you fight against your own team I might be wrong but not going to waste any more time/money on a multiplayer game that is basically a silo gig was fun for a while but not worth the headaches