An Open letter to the DEVS regarding nerfing Heroes

Be careful what you write!!!:rage::rage::rage:

Or what?

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I wasn’t ignoring it. Much of what they’ve done has been wrong. Ill get back to this. Spoke about players spending so much on offers. This gives devs more drive to offer more offers. It happens to all of us. You can’t even see the front screen cuz there’s so many offers. Most times, a second column which takes more screen space or when you open the game 7-9 pop-ups.
Let’s look at how challenge offers are presently versus what they used to be. Before, there was only one $29.99 deal, and it was on the last day of the event. Now they put it in the front and in the end. That wasn’t a mistake that someone got fired for. They offered the wood we were supposed to just use matches, but we brought a flamethrower, so they offered more wood.
I don’t want to lose anybody here: they offer wood = various offers. Using matches = pick certain offers. Brought a flamethrower = purchased all offers. Offer more Wood = more offers. It’s an endless problem that has ignited into a forest fire and we can’t stop it. Why would they stop it? Why not just start a fire in another section of the Woods and this is where nerfs come in to play?
Nerfs are bound to happen. How else can they get us to spend on the new hero if the old heroes are still useful? So they Nerf it.

I understand they do a lot of messed up things. I wasn’t trying to defend them as if I was their legal department. We as players use a lot of resources when receiving a hero to get them to their best only for a nerf to happen and none of us receive anything from this detriment.

I think aether reset is stupid, not because of what it does but because of what else it takes that has nothing to do with the whole point of its name. Aether reset = resetting of aethers to heroes base max. why are emblems being removed as well? emblems did nothing to deserve this punishment.

Players need to stop demanding Nerfs that is the utmost highest level of disrespect to those of us that enjoy a challenge.
Has anyone played any Souls game? First there’s no map, so if you think you’re lost, you’re definitely lost. Second, the bosses don’t start easy; they start hard and you have to push through that punishment, but it’s exciting. You don’t see players sending letters cause the game is too hard. Why do it here?

Balance updates should only be to increase stats for Heroes that have become irrelevant. There’s a lot of good Heroes that have really distinct great specials but they’re just not equipped for raids anymore. They don’t have the stats to stay alive. That’s where the balance update comes in beef up the stats make them raid/war worthy once more.
Since people just keep asking for nerfs, we cripple these Heroes and the reason we’re stuck with a minimum of 30 to 40 Heroes that are actually relevant to use. Look at the leaderboard everybody has the same Heroes. And everyone has a roster of Heroes 3/4 of their Heroes they can’t even use them.
If you want the game to strive, then cut it with the nerfs, let everybody play.

Add this to your open letter.

Nerfs are same as stealing!

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