An Open letter to the DEVS regarding nerfing Heroes

Hello i am a new user . I am patrick i want to now how can i make a topic i want to introduce myself and say hi to other players. Can you h r lp me im from holland so my english not so good .
Its difficult to understand i all the post how .
Thanks alot greetings patrick

Welcome to the forums. You need to wander around a bit, read a few threads, before you are granted the “Basic” level that allows you to create threads.

In the meantime if you want to introduce yourself you can do so here.

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I almost wet myself laughing at this! Perfect.

Hello. A pleasure to make your acquintance. I am still learning to navigate the forum so just stumbled upon this thread. The game has a loyal following. I know I am enjoying it a great deal, but so much to learn! Blessings. :slight_smile:

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Welcome. There’s lots of information available here to help you out. This is a good starting point.

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You rock! Just glanced briefly over some of it. The info is beyond helpful. Thank you so very much.

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First and foremost, I would like to apologize if there is already a thread on this.

Dear SG,
I would like to suggest that you gentlemen and ladies take the beta testers’ feedback very seriously from now on before releasing a new hero into the general public then have it nerfed or buffed in a few months of time. It is unfair in both scenarios for those who have limited budget and/or F2P as they have to consider where to spend their gems/money carefully and don’t have the ability to chase every new heroes popping out. In this way, it would be unfair for them to decide not to chase a certain hero only to have it buffed after a few months of being released. Also, it is also unfair for the people who had decided to chase a certain hero but only to be nerfed on certain heroes only after a few months.
In the second scenario, it is unethical of SG to their customers as the advertised product is only a certain percentage of the advertised. I know it is in SG rights to change/balance of their virtual product but it would also make the player base be in uproar and in some cases, quitting and if this continue to be the practice of SG to rake in more revenue. IMHO it will hurt SG in the long run. Which consumer would be lied to every now and then by a company and stay royal to that company.
P.S I joined this game around June of 2019 so i had no knowledge of Athena, Guin and so on had been nerfed as Telluria and Vela before. I thought this was one time thing from SG but after reading some old posts, it seemed SG had a tendency to neglect the beta testers every now and then. Even though, I don’t like to think that SG is doing this to raise their revenues when not meeting certain threshold but if this practice continue, one would think in that direction more so than not.

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Lol mate, I have been looking and thinking of an analogy for post-nerfs and you just gave a golden one. Discovered almost 3 years later


I was against the nerfing of Tell for a long time as I have her with 18 emblems and Vela with 15 with a Gravemaker Kage Poseidon, but now I have to agree it needs to be fixed, I only raid against teams worth 40 or more trophies most of the time and 80% of those teams are at least a Tell tank if not a Vela flank, and it gets boring, I do wish they would introduce a fast red sniper as most of the damage dealer’s in red are fire DOTS so they kinda don’t fit well together, but I don’t even bother to try to climb the leader boards anymore, and before my Tell Vela defense team I use to hover around 2500 trophies after a knight off, now I’m almost never under 2600 and can maintain 2700 easily if not actually going from the 2600 range to 2700 while I’m off line, and I’m not here to complain to the devs for releasing a broken hero, beta isn’t perfect, as for one the a relative small sample size compared to the live game at large and many of the best players have long since stopped being beta players, so when these heroes hit live it’s these top players that are the ones that expose these flaws beta players didn’t, they are not e&p lifers that dedicate most their efforts to this game save a few beta players, I consider myself a pretty high lvl player I’m lvl 85 with 39 80’s and have been ranked number 1 in trophies many times but I play in a top 2000 team not a top 100 because I don’t want the serious game play those alliances want from their players, I guess I like being a big fish in a small pond than being in a ocean with whales (I know whales are not fish but fish don’t know that)


SG don’t give a puff about all your or other players opinions…they got your money…they do what they want with your account or the content of that account. Until 1 player find a legal way to fight this scam there is nothing to do about it.
I wish it was a way to take all the money i spent in game and close my account but i don’t think this will be posible. They probably make us to accept this on t&c and offcourse nobody read that stuff when we start playing.
Only real thing we can do is quit playing and let everyone else know what will happen is they start playing this game.
There are milions of games there so is not hard to find something else.

(All this cuz i have most of the nerfed heroes and i feel i got scammed big time)

*prototype, this is absolutely normal . There’s no guarantee that you get anything but a 3 hero. The odds are clearly displayed and are just above 1%, tap the i. Also, tc20 which costs you nothing.

In Australia we also have the $ symbol and the same deal costs $39.99. not to mention New Zealand who also use the $ symbol.

I have spent a lot to get Telluria and Vela… Only recently got Gravemaker but it’s still the same old story… Why should I pay for something advertised in a certain way only to have that advertised item/items changed after I have paid for the ad item/items. This is wrong in so many ways. If you advertise an offer for 1000 gems only to come out and say oh sorry we have given you too many gems for the advertised price and the “balanced” amount is 800 gems people would be leaving the game in droves. Basically nerfing is the same horse different jockey.:thinking::unamused:

Yes you are right…we spend money to get some heroes who are bassicley good and after maxing …they are nerfed …that is not ok…

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Understandable, but devs shouldn’t or should keep these spl heroes, make em’ as mythical Titans or not release them. They are angels, demons, Demi-god, gods and goddesses, so you know their gonna have abilities, powers or enhancing that makes them different and should make harder to obtain in the first place.

When they chose to use in the game they should’ve made it clear & could’ve made them part of the story to help either temporarily or permanent & after doing so many objectives it is possible to earn or buy if you wanted a supernatural hero that’s a level higher & different from other heroes & should’ve been introduced in a different ranking class that way they cannot be nerfed nor altered for any reason.

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Give Jove back his power!!!give Jove back his power!!!give Jove back his power!!!,give Jove back his power!!!:rage::rage::rage:

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Stop being a dolt and doing the same thing you do on Twitter. Stop spamming your idiocy on every thread of the forum. It only accomplishes on thing and it’s not what you think it is.


I agree with some of your points, but you guys are really emotional with this. See this in a different light with a different mind. This game is free. YOU spent. YOU made pulls. Time and time again, heroes get Nerfed. Why are you surprised?
Once the event is over, and devs made their money in months’ time that hero is getting nerfed. They didn’t make a mistake YOU guys believe they made. Why do you think Ludwig was in the SE? someone didn’t accidentally place him there because they fell asleep on the job. They had a new hero with better stats coming to take his place.
Why haven’t YOU ALL learned from your mistakes? Because you’re all addicts and enjoy the instant gratification of receiving the new hero, training it and placing it in your defense before anyone else.
YOU all know the consequence of receiving the new hero, but still YOU spend. Why?
It’s not their fault and im also a player, but they’re not forcing YOU to spend. When the hero releases your card doesn’t automatically get charged for all the offers. The game doesn’t make the pulls for you and you don’t suddenly see a new hero in your roster. YOU physically have to choose every offer and do every pull.
As much as you want to put the blame on them, put the blame on yourselves. They showed you an offer. YOU took it.
It’s like you guys are at the blackjack table and you already have 21 but yet you still tell the dealer to hit you and now you have 24 and you lost and then you get upset at the dealer LMFAO grow up.

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what form of thread necromancy is this!

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That’s one way of looking at it.

Not one id agree with. It’s all accurate for sure. But you are purposefully ignoring a lot of relevant information and SGs responsibility for the game they have built and how they choose to run it. I believe that is also pertinent.