An Open letter to the DEVS regarding nerfing Heroes

I am not sure what you guys think you are trying to accomplish with the way you changed the GAME.

  1. Raids are ridiculous now. I stopped raiding because the 2000 level teams are beating the 3000 to 3500 teams easily. This should never happen. I guarentee that if I was playing against a person they would not hit me with all five and have superpower every shot. Most times they shoot you 5 to 10 times with superpower before we can even level up. Plus I guarentee that they have stronger powers than any hero we own.
  2. War is also ridiculous. They come out blazing and 2 stars are taking out 5 stars. I have seen certain heros shoot, when I have the same one leveled all the way up and they don’t shoot.

I really did enjoy the game to start with but now in order to play you have to spend an arm and a leg to get ahead or wait 2 years. There are many more people than me that are getting very upset at how unrealistic you are making this game. For God sake I just lost 3. 5*'s to a little gnome that would not die. I really don’t mind losing if I had a fair shot at winning. Raids and war need to be p vs p. You have to insert human error into it and have the same powers as others to make this a great game.

Ps. I did 4 Ten pulls on blue and the event summons and didn’t get anything higher than 2 4*'s. Not one character from event. That’s a lot of money to receive nothing. But this game is getting worse at being PAY TO PLAY. Please reformat before everyone starts leaving out of frustration.


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Hi Mark, sorry to hear about your frustrations.

Have you read any of the excellent raid guides in the Player Guide section?

Offence, ie the human player has a lot of advantages in raids and I would expect a 60-70% win rate and to lose that amount on defense.

If you’re not getting something like that, please examine your strategy

  • are you selecting the best heroes for the job?
  • are you aware of strong and weak colours and how to stack them against your opponent?
  • do you re-roll opponents who are unrealistically strong?

In relation to war, there is a lot of work behind the scenes to make a better system. Until recently, I was convinced that there was X system that could just be implemented that would solve the problem. However, with a bit more understanding of the complexities of matching whole alliances I have seen that this is not the case.

In relation to pulls, the odds are published and they are pretty low. From personal experience, it’s perfectly possible to enjoy the game with free gems and training camps.

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Does anyone know what Alberich’s mana regen rate was before he got nerfed a few days ago?

Days ago? Can you provide a link, man?

They had alot if censoring to do. They really pissed me off. This happens all the time and I’m fed up. I don’t do raids any more. I still do.yitsns because they work the way they should. I have to work my butt off to win. If I don’t I lose. Same thing with levels. Anything to do with attacking another at player is screwed up. In war, the attacker usually

wins. Especially if they have a more powerful force. This game favors the defender, to an extraordinary degree. I have told my team mates theh mau be kicking me brush see I’m not doing wars anymore. I do titans and levels. They are not given unfair advantages

Gentle reminder the follow Forum Rules. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Attackers have the advantage in raids, by far.

That is exactly my feeling They sent me an email asking if I wanted to modify my message so they could unhide it. I declined. I told them my feelings haven’t changed and that I said in the message that I expected it to be censored.

Did you actually read my message? I expected it to be censored. I knew that the foul language would not be put out to the public. I want the moderators of this game that it is not run properly. BTW. Any reponses I got from other players were favorable. I relly would like to see copies of the players that complained. Leave out theit names. I just want to see their comments.

You’re wasting your time. The moderators that are stuck dealing with your garbage have nothing to do with the development of the game. They’re simply players who moderate the forums. You’re like an old angry man yelling at the McDonalds’ cashier about the price of of a big mac.


I read the whole thing.

Most flags are just that, flags; they have no comments. So two [inappropriate] flags for you (which typically means you violated one of a number of Forum Rules. Please read them.

If you insist on posting items intentionally designed to garner a flag, eventually you will be silenced, warned and/or banned.

P.S. A Big Mac is roughly $4.20 USD, depending where you live. :wink:


He is still right…the aw’s are the same. A 4000+ team of mine lost to a 3110 team and it happens often. Like him I have quit the raids and I also quit buying anything except my VIP. I do it go leveling buildings and when i am done with that i will quit buying the VIP. I have been at this for over 2 years and it is a shame how this has become a p 2 p.

On offense or defence?

I’m assuming offense, as you can never see what team attacks you.

So the team you lost to had a war boost?

That doesn’t seem completely unlikely and doesn’t particularly mean that the matchmaking is unfair.

War boosts, particularly field aid, require us to recalibrate our expectation. This can seem very frustrating, personally I enjoy the variety and the challenge.
A random element is present in every sport and competition but obviously the degree varies and if someone finds that intolerable then it spoils the enjoyment.

Me too, I’ve never spent a penny

Raids are still within my enjoyment of the random element and I fight every one with relish.

Hello i am a new user . I am patrick i want to now how can i make a topic i want to introduce myself and say hi to other players. Can you h r lp me im from holland so my english not so good .
Its difficult to understand i all the post how .
Thanks alot greetings patrick

Welcome to the forums. You need to wander around a bit, read a few threads, before you are granted the “Basic” level that allows you to create threads.

In the meantime if you want to introduce yourself you can do so here.

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I almost wet myself laughing at this! Perfect.

Hello. A pleasure to make your acquintance. I am still learning to navigate the forum so just stumbled upon this thread. The game has a loyal following. I know I am enjoying it a great deal, but so much to learn! Blessings. :slight_smile:

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Welcome. There’s lots of information available here to help you out. This is a good starting point.

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You rock! Just glanced briefly over some of it. The info is beyond helpful. Thank you so very much.

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First and foremost, I would like to apologize if there is already a thread on this.

Dear SG,
I would like to suggest that you gentlemen and ladies take the beta testers’ feedback very seriously from now on before releasing a new hero into the general public then have it nerfed or buffed in a few months of time. It is unfair in both scenarios for those who have limited budget and/or F2P as they have to consider where to spend their gems/money carefully and don’t have the ability to chase every new heroes popping out. In this way, it would be unfair for them to decide not to chase a certain hero only to have it buffed after a few months of being released. Also, it is also unfair for the people who had decided to chase a certain hero but only to be nerfed on certain heroes only after a few months.
In the second scenario, it is unethical of SG to their customers as the advertised product is only a certain percentage of the advertised. I know it is in SG rights to change/balance of their virtual product but it would also make the player base be in uproar and in some cases, quitting and if this continue to be the practice of SG to rake in more revenue. IMHO it will hurt SG in the long run. Which consumer would be lied to every now and then by a company and stay royal to that company.
P.S I joined this game around June of 2019 so i had no knowledge of Athena, Guin and so on had been nerfed as Telluria and Vela before. I thought this was one time thing from SG but after reading some old posts, it seemed SG had a tendency to neglect the beta testers every now and then. Even though, I don’t like to think that SG is doing this to raise their revenues when not meeting certain threshold but if this practice continue, one would think in that direction more so than not.

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