An Open letter to the DEVS regarding nerfing Heroes


i am not asking for 4 or 5 star heroes i just want a decent one of my level which is 18 i am a grinder my self trust me i played a lots of grinding games but those games rewared me for that unlike this one…i am simply asking for at least Berden3 star or Isshtak alsow 3 star…just to continue the game…and to grind for dark heroes…i am furious because i spend 4 months to get thiose nature heroes and i get the same heroes…



What’s you training camp situation?

I am f2p/ a grinder and have been playing about 3 months. I have two level 13 training camps and have trained every 3* hero and recently 2 4* too.

TCs are much more reliable than epic summons and by running two, you get a chance every day.


Bsr pétri voilà ça fait 3 jours que je ne peux plus discuter sur les tchat alliance et autre je ne comprends pas aurais je été bloquée ou autre je ne trouve pas de réponse merci!


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they’re not crystals they’re gems.
And customers are buying those gems to summon those heroes , otherwise how else would they do it.


Hi everybody. I want to ask ubone question. Why do not you have Georgian flag in the game. There are a lot of flags but not Georgian. And it is very beautiful )