An Open letter to the DEVS regarding nerfing Heroes


i am not asking for 4 or 5 star heroes i just want a decent one of my level which is 18 i am a grinder my self trust me i played a lots of grinding games but those games rewared me for that unlike this one…i am simply asking for at least Berden3 star or Isshtak alsow 3 star…just to continue the game…and to grind for dark heroes…i am furious because i spend 4 months to get thiose nature heroes and i get the same heroes…



What’s you training camp situation?

I am f2p/ a grinder and have been playing about 3 months. I have two level 13 training camps and have trained every 3* hero and recently 2 4* too.

TCs are much more reliable than epic summons and by running two, you get a chance every day.


Bsr pétri voilà ça fait 3 jours que je ne peux plus discuter sur les tchat alliance et autre je ne comprends pas aurais je été bloquée ou autre je ne trouve pas de réponse merci!


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they’re not crystals they’re gems.
And customers are buying those gems to summon those heroes , otherwise how else would they do it.


Hi everybody. I want to ask ubone question. Why do not you have Georgian flag in the game. There are a lot of flags but not Georgian. And it is very beautiful )


I am not sure what you guys think you are trying to accomplish with the way you changed the GAME.

  1. Raids are ridiculous now. I stopped raiding because the 2000 level teams are beating the 3000 to 3500 teams easily. This should never happen. I guarentee that if I was playing against a person they would not hit me with all five and have superpower every shot. Most times they shoot you 5 to 10 times with superpower before we can even level up. Plus I guarentee that they have stronger powers than any hero we own.
  2. War is also ridiculous. They come out blazing and 2 stars are taking out 5 stars. I have seen certain heros shoot, when I have the same one leveled all the way up and they don’t shoot.

I really did enjoy the game to start with but now in order to play you have to spend an arm and a leg to get ahead or wait 2 years. There are many more people than me that are getting very upset at how unrealistic you are making this game. For God sake I just lost 3. 5*'s to a little gnome that would not die. I really don’t mind losing if I had a fair shot at winning. Raids and war need to be p vs p. You have to insert human error into it and have the same powers as others to make this a great game.

Ps. I did 4 Ten pulls on blue and the event summons and didn’t get anything higher than 2 4*'s. Not one character from event. That’s a lot of money to receive nothing. But this game is getting worse at being PAY TO PLAY. Please reformat before everyone starts leaving out of frustration.



Hi Mark, sorry to hear about your frustrations.

Have you read any of the excellent raid guides in the Player Guide section?

Offence, ie the human player has a lot of advantages in raids and I would expect a 60-70% win rate and to lose that amount on defense.

If you’re not getting something like that, please examine your strategy

  • are you selecting the best heroes for the job?
  • are you aware of strong and weak colours and how to stack them against your opponent?
  • do you re-roll opponents who are unrealistically strong?

In relation to war, there is a lot of work behind the scenes to make a better system. Until recently, I was convinced that there was X system that could just be implemented that would solve the problem. However, with a bit more understanding of the complexities of matching whole alliances I have seen that this is not the case.

In relation to pulls, the odds are published and they are pretty low. From personal experience, it’s perfectly possible to enjoy the game with free gems and training camps.


Does anyone know what Alberich’s mana regen rate was before he got nerfed a few days ago?


Days ago? Can you provide a link, man?