An old guy asks about playing on a Touchscreen Chromebook?

I so enjoy this game, but as I close in on my 75th birthday my eyesight is not as good as it used to be.
Does anyone have experience of playing on a big touchscreen Chromebook? Does it work well?


I have no idea. But I do know some folks use a tool that allows it to be played on the computer instead of a phone or tablet. I’ll see what I can find!

I don’t own a touchscreen Chromebook, but I do know that I have an application called BlueStacks installed on my regular Windows 10 desktop and it allows me to access the game on my computer. I find it much easier to focus on war hits on my big screen as opposed to my phone screen.

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When I first started this game, I wondered if there was a way to play on PC. I hate dumb(smart)phones, I have fat/clumsy fingers. How exactly does it work on PC? Do you use the mouse to match tiles? If so, is that method too slow to be viable for titans?

To the OP, happy early birthday and kudos to you for still gaming strong :+1:

I’m sure there are players here who can help you. I certainly can’t but I can tell you that one of our previous players (an older woman like me with no computer knowledge), played her second profile on an Android emulator (not Bluestacks).

She was also colour-blind but still managed to do well with a keyboard. Her only issue was with updates. Her emulator wasn’t able to update until it was forced.

Be warned though - while SG allows the use of emulators, it doesn’t offer support if you encounter a problem with your account on it.

I generally prefer to play via BlueStacks (a free Android emulator) with a mouse on my PC.

That could be a fairly simple solution.

You do use a mouse to match tiles and use items, though BlueStacks has hotkey customization features that I’m sure, if tampered with, could probably help speed up item usage in titan battles. Actually using the mouse to make matches isn’t bad, but it’s trying to use 4 minor mana potions quickly that sucks.

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Hmm. I might have to consider trying it. If for no other reason, at least to have a backup device if I ever actually do throw my phone out the window. :laughing:

I do most of my playing on my phone for obvious reasons of portability, but most of my farming is done while on PC and I try to use my War flags on my PC whenever possible. I feel like having to use a mouse and having such a large screen makes me a little more conscious of my moves.


Not interested in using Bluestacks with a Mouse. I want a genuine touchscreen experience - if it is comparable with the Android phone experience.

I’m finding very conflicting information about whether or not BlueStacks can be used on a touchscreen Chromebook. Some results say it’s not possible, and some say it is. Yet, some articles are outdated and some aren’t. Hopefully someone with a Chromebook can weigh in on this a little bit.

I have not bought one yet. $500 or so, but my impression is that if it is a touch screen you can just download the app and use it as a tablet. I would like someone to tell me if that works, before spending big bucks.

I am 60 and there is no way I can help. I use kids(and I do mean little ones to help. But God has truly blessed you. I bet you have some incredible stories. Good luck!

I can tell you that an Android tablet will work, but I am unsure about a Chromebook.

My wife plays on her iPad and I have an emulator on my computer to play it on my monitor. The game looks great and everything scales up to be bigger and fit nicely on the screen :slight_smile: