Blue stacks update

When a new update drops for E&P, were does bluestacks fall into play for the update? I would think it would update with Android but seems to take longer. Once you update your device your stuck from using bluestacks for bit waiting for the update as it wont let you play until you update.

I was able to update on BlueStacks around 9 hours ago, but it may be an incremental rollout, I’m not sure.


Cool thank you sir, I’ll keep checking

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just go to home tab and initiate Google Play Store, from right menu, go to my apps&games, and you should see the update there if it’s available

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Still checking not available, crappy thing is you cant play them game till it updates

Weird, I could play just fine without updating it, and then after the update rolled out in the play store, updated and could still play fine.

Maybe try updating Bluestacks itself? I know they rolled out an update about a week or two ago.

Since bluestacks is an Android emulator, it falls under google play store rollout parameters.

The way I understand it to work, it’s rolled out randomly over time region by region. could take up to 2 days to get an update.

Ha Ok just got it in BS, thanks for the input

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