Am I the only one losing steam and interest?

Bahaha love the ‘Empires and Premier League’ chat. Have a drink for me, taking a break from the grog for a while. Cheers mate :smile:


Never understood why there is a national holiday to celebrate those responsible for most of the problems in the world.


This is freakin awesome :exploding_head: :guitar: :sound: :loud_sound: :microphone: :headphones:


I dont understand it either, but im grateful for the day off work so I will let that slide, and go back cursing them and their ilk for the rest of the year.


I’m thinking of doing the same now

Opened a bottle of rum from a jamaican trip we took 5 years ago - delicious!


it was a nice chianti for us, while taking a nice walk around :slight_smile:

ah, the nice things in life…

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And now we will have increased stats for Covenant Quest to keep us more engaged…

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Yes, and with that infamous covenant stage 8 :skull: :skull: :skull:

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oh joy, oh joy, oh jooooooy

I keep a few WE flasks handy just for the Covenant Quest, whenever it comes around I just went to get over with it as quickly as possible :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve only completed 8 levels on the current quest. I can’t find the motivation. My heroes are already underperforming and the ios rollout of 58 is here….

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I gave up trying. I got tired of the grind and $$ needed to keep up against top 30 alliances in war. Moved to another alliance where wars aren’t filled with mostly top meta teams. Maybe I’ll do one monster chest a day, and up to two raid chests, before I was filling at least 5 chests a day. I may do towers up to level 25 but not bother with the impossible ones. The last challenge event I decided to give one last try and finished in the 300s in epic, under 2k in rare(I pushed more in epic because I though it would be easier than rare to place higher and didn’t want to waste the resources for both) and 700s in lengendary. I won’t have to resources to justify wasting them going forward.

My farming is nonexistent now except for filling the chest. This is the first time in over 2 years that my TC2 isn’t supplied enough to get me to the next AR before I run out of backpacks. Wars became more enjoyable since I have so many heroes that I never used that much that I can now play around with. I haven’t bought anything in 40 days and don’t have the urge to anymore. I’ve been playing Nintendo since TOTK came out a few weeks ago. It usually goes like this. Auto play to a level fill a chest while playing the other game, maybe a second then I usually forget about the chest because I get caught up actually playing the other game. I still do enjoy doing War hits and tournaments and don’t mind raiding but the rest is just a boring time sink for little reward. Also, I’ve come to the conclusion the value is just ridiculous for what you get for the amount of $$$ that you put in so I just stopped spending altogether in this game and use that money for others things instead and I was putting in about $150 a month previously.


sounds like a good chance @ffphier ! I think you will end up being more satisfied with the game, playing more casually


This is my only “joy” left in game, but that too is coming to a close.

I’m too competitive to join lower alliances so I’ll probably just fade away. To think that I spent a fortune to get what I have, and let it all go to the sh- tr :laughing:

Wish I knew then what I know now


You actually give me courage with this thoughtful post


How about for the amount of time?

The word "value" is worth meditating on.
I mean…we’re talking about pixels, money, time
What is the actual value in the game? Which… will be one of those, means something different for everyone, kinda like “compete.”

I only ask because I’ve been debating what the word value means to me for the forum. A place that felt meaningful for balance once upon a time. But now that we are ignored, the only real value left here is wasting time. And then I wondered if the game was ever any different.

Probably a fruitless question. Like asking an alcoholic why they value their booze. Some will get belligerent. Some will shrug and tell you almost nonsensically that they just like it. Maybe a few feel like they are the only ones on earth that know how to drink.
Not a good question for others in that case.
Just a thought… for yourself

I think it’s good to seek meaningful value. Not sure such a thing exists here or in the game.
The creep injection into portals feels and looks to me, like it comes from a syringe. And evidently… that value… is worth billions. But on the “user” end, it gets fiddled with and diluted so that the next shot will continue to be more potent.



I don’t mind putting some time in as long as I get some enjoyment out of it. The time I spend in the game now would be spent in another game or doing something else online. I definitely was putting too much time in before and cut out the boring stuff which honestly is most of it. We’ll see how thing go when I run out of items. The biggest thing for me besides the money is the time spent doing boring, repetitive tasks for little reward, definitely not worth the time put in. Making farming items fun instead of auto playing the same level over and over again would help a lot to keep long time players interested. I’ve played with some diehard players and even most of them are sick of the towers. Just because they are longer and take a lot of time doesn’t make them difficult, it just makes them boring.


My screen is full of ads, my boards have been pure crapola for past few weeks.

yeah…. I won’t be completing this tower either… And not that I can’t for both normal and impossible - I just lack the desire.

As long as you get some enjoyment from it I suppose. Its doesn’t elicit any excitement for me :face_in_clouds:


I stopped playing towers after the first ones. They’re just a drain on recourses. To long and boring. Wars and titans is all that remains and those titans are boring AF but alliance rules make me do them. Maybe i should try to teach new players the game but my only advice now would be quit before it costs you money. I’ll wait another update but most likely i’m gone quit this thing they call a game…keep on smilling🙂

They should keep some parts of this forum alive imo. It’s been more fun here lately……


Ninja Tower, didn’t bother, even with it attached to pov . With ten active offers cluttering the screen, just did what I needed to, hit the titan, finish poo dailies, fill a monster chest, and take nigh forever, and rising ham usage, to find slightly reasonable matches for my 5024 tp that weren’t 5800 and up, to fill the hero chest.
With LB, LB2, and heros getting costumes, and heros costumes getting costumes, or what have you, as a hero 's skills, passives, aether powers, begins to read like a novella, tourneys are becoming a moot point as well.

Then comes the Big Balance Update of nerfs, buffs, and wtf?, toss in 200 heros, some gameplay additions /modifications, shake, bake and definatly get burnt.
What’s not to love :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:


I have been making this point again and again in another game.

Making something take longer does not increase the challenge (in a meaningful way). It just makes it more boring.

I bailed on the ninja tower really early this time. Some green ninja i cant even name pancaked my whole team, despite me having mana controllers and decent strength. I just couldnt summon the will to retry.

It annoys me that the curses block me from using preferred heroes so quickly. Probably others enjoy that feature, but not for me.