Am I the only one losing steam and interest?

The tower of magic is up - I’ve done about 6 levels, stopped and logged off. Am I alone with feeling so discouraged with the game overall that I lack interest in completing the quest?


I changed my name to include #NoSpend and saw that it costs 500 gems to change it back. Maybe I’ll leave it there forever as a reminder to not spend a single dime on this game again.
I did power through some magic tower levels to get coins for a pull, Kailani. Ugh.


I feel you.

Lol I used to complete em all

Hell, I completed everything

…but like, around eight months ago, I finally dropped that whole “wasted opportunity” [within the game] mindset - never missing a flag, an event, a titan, etc - and tbh, it’s been quite freeing since. So much so, I’ve maybe completed… One Tower since then?

Maybe it’s cuz, for four years, I played daily and never missed a beat, but hell, once you actually stop for a second, it’s hard to find the motivation to start up again, esp subjecting yourself to :poop: like towers lol. I mean, damn, it’s just TOO much of a time commitment.

I’ll sometimes consider competing, but by day four, I’m already burnt the hell out and would rather live my life than spend an hour of it doing the same ole :poop: to no end, both today, and tomorrow. If I got all my flags right away, then I could see myself completing it more often, but having to spread the suffering across five days? Nuh-uh. Not feasible for me, not anymore, least not right now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

… That inner-masochist in me has thankfully left the building :wink:

As for the game atm, it has never looked this bleak in the five or so years I’ve been playing, so def could also be a sign of the times too


Personally I love the towers, and was a bit disappointed after the 10 flags was used in a heartbeat, as the early levels are fairly easy.

I enjoy using seldom used heroes in new combos in the beginning, and then I change to power-teams for the impossible levels.

While I fully understand that this might not be for everyone, I find the towers to be a favorite part (along side challenges)


Nope, you are not alone. i rarely do the towers anymore, didn’t take part in this past w3k, really cut back on raids (for obv reasons w/ lb2 bulljive). i hate MT, might use 1-3 flags on that. i don’t do any S3/S4 special events. There are more things i don’t do but can’t recall cuz there is just way to much.

the direction and the speed which it has happened has really reduced my interest. it’s no longer a game where a $20-$75 (on dumb months like Christmas offers when i went overboard) even has a chance. It is for those spending >$250/mo, and probably much more. SG has shot themselves in the foot w/ these LB2, and now this imbalance rebalance.

This all could have easily been simply avoided. If SG listened to Beta testers and the community (through forum polls, etc) the game would be in a much better place. The cat is out of the bad now and i don’t know if, or how they can fix it. I’m resigned to the fact the game is on it’s last legs


enjoy your youtube vids RandaPanda. Def got to branch out from pull vids cuz it’s not worth trying for hero’s anymore. Your assessment of the bleak outlook is my perception too. I used to spend $20-$75/mo, i’m done though. maybe i’ll get PoV sometimes but the LB2, then the imbalance rebalance just shows SG is so out of touch w/ community. Could have all been avoided by listening to beta testers and the community. It stinks but i’m also looking forward to caring even less and getting back to real life things that matter


Me too, i drop every quest that cannot be autoplayed.

Losing so much interest to this game after about 5 years

The quest that still interesting only covenant. And i do war


Haha I just noticed the 500 gems for the name change as well. That’s a new one… its not free to change our profile names… interesting…

Guess I am leaving NoSpend forever lol

500 gems for profile name change… ridiculous


You’re not. I’m one step away from quitting also. The game is okay but the devs are garbage.


It was always like that. Only your first name change was free…


Yeah I didn’t say it was a recent change or due to the NoSpend movement. Its just a new one to me as I haven’t seen such “feature” in other games… still ridiculous…


Of course and you’re right. I noticed it in 2018 before I quit for 2.5 years. The devs here are some greediest I’ve ever seen.


I haven’t done Towers or Seasonal events for ages to preserve my time and sanity.

I focus on things that affect my alliance … so Titans, Mythic Titans, Wars, Alliance Quest, Monster Island.

It is possible to find a balance :pirate_flag:


it’s not the Towers for me, but it is raiding. unless I have a raid chest to fill, or revenges to do (I’m a Scorpio, I’m vengeful lol :stuck_out_tongue: ) , I don’t care if I “waste” flags anymore.


I feel like I am on my way out… haven’t even started the green rare quest (have like 35 tonic wihtout valuable hero to use on), not to talk about the tower.

The end is close, they totally demotivated me. Probably my last day will be when they nerf my only up to date good hero Anne.


I spent a little bit of money about 5 years ago when I started playing and quickly figured out the gacha system and have not spent a dime since. I refuse to gamble with my money on a game like this.
I used to play everday several times but have since to play once a day and I am skipping days more frequently.
I gave up on raids long time ago, and most of the time play on autoplay the map and events/quests.
If I get close enough to the later levels of the quest I will play to try to finish them otherwise I will let it go.
I still play wars but usually only play the first game and depending how it goes it usually determines if I continue playing the war or just leave it. Most of the time I leave.

According to the museum I have about 10% of the available 5* star heroes, only a couple are HOTM and the rest are old S1 and S2 heroes…
And add to that it takes months to fully level up those heroes nowadays…
Thats how this game rewards long time players that refuse to spend hundreds…
Eventually I will just quit, the interest is just not there.


The game is supposed to be an escape but it’s just stressing me out. I don’t know anyone that feels good about things at the moment.


My steam level has been going up and down for a couple years now. Almost succumbed to the drudgery and being stalled in the game a while back, felt I was close to the end. Then scaled back to only doing what I was interested in (mainly raid/war/quests) and regained some steam. Still comes and goes.

Towers don’t interest me at all frankly. Never have.


I mean I get it … but If I ever start to feel remotely like this… I’m so out :joy:

Sarcaustic isn’t my energy, rather hit the beach with dogs, girls, food, etc :slight_smile:

longtime player reads the new feature and balance threads


veteran mod merging threads while gazing at the search button


Ding ding ding ding ding ding!
Better call Saul!!

haha! Good show mate!