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I think so, that’s why I was a little confused by your response.

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cough cough, excuse me!

Anyone think this matchmaking looks OK?
Except for war score, what else makes this match fair?

Of course, we are the underdogs here and I am curious how they can have nearly equal war score with us?

@mhalttu any thoughts?

edit: Just to add some detail - they have 25 members and 16 member are there longer than 100 days, 1 member joined them 5 days ago, 8 members are there from 19 to 78 days. All of them logged in today, so they look like daily players.

as expected. Good job on matchmaking! /irony off

Ouch RNG screwed you there bud. Not sure how matchmaking thought that was the team for u lol. Hopefully next war RNG will be more kind.

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When I still waged wars we had similar problems with scores. However the one thing which almost never was offset was the Alliance War Score. As you can see, that War score is almost even for both alliances, despite the fact that the total score is way different, but that’s due to Trophy and Titan score.

My guess is that the War score is important for pairing in wars, whereas total, Trophy and Titan scores are disregarded.

Actually, it is not a guess but a fact. That is how matchmaking should normally work. But not in this case. Something went terribly wrong and I immediately knew it even before start of this war. I have seen their raid defenses and I know how our players defenses and rosters look like. Judging by Titan score I guess they are slaying 9*+ Titans and we usually do 7* and barely beat 8* (not on a regular basis). This also an indicator on how good is their bench.
So my question remains: “How it is possible them to have nearly same war score with us?”

We don’t have any new players and our war score did not jump by a big leaps unlike theirs. Their went up by a giant leap without any new players joining them.
See comparison after this war:

It’s possible they had a really long loss streak vs equally strong opponents which resulted in their war score dropping gradually, until they finally hit a pairing vs a much weaker alliance. On the other hand, if you performed really well despite your limited rosters, then it’s the other way around and your war score increased. Something like that. There are also other possibilities but since someone may find them offensive I’d keep them to myself. Not so hard to guess what those are though…

Edit: Also, don’t forget that both the Titan score and the Trophy score can be very easily manipulated by anyone - for example I have really low trophy and titan score on purpose. So it’s actually a very good decision to leave them out of the matchmaking process.

Not a fan of conspiracies but I tend to agree on this. Looks like the most realistic scenario to me.

Nevermind, it is over and I expect my question will be ignored by devs and will never get to know what really happened.

Talk about a mismatch! It was even in the name… Misfit Toys.

@Rook good war, at least for you all! Completely destroyed us! :smiley:

Please lie to me and say you were on a losing streak, at least. :wink:

Are you serious? From that, all I can see is an almost perfect match? What am I missing?

There are things going on that are not mentioned in the release notes; e.g. your war score will get adjusted more than once after a win or loss these days. But, yeah! It’s like what’s wrong with this picture? Since the most recent build, I’m seeing somethings strange.

War score has always fluctuated “more than once” as people level heroes and troops as well as opt in or out of war.

I’m not talking about those points that you pick up as heroes are levelled up. I am talking about two repeating set percentages, circumstances dependant war score points increases POST win.

3 of the 4 wars before you were losses. Maybe the game took pity on us. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for playing with us!

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