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Deliberately putting out a weak team? Not as such, and depends on your own alliance’s strategy.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned here on the forums (and others probably have as well), that the only time it’s worth putting out such a weak team is if the player’s strongest team can be one-shot by the opponent’s weakest team. I.e. under any circumstance their defence team will be killed by one attack.

Take into consideration what this does in terms of points. This player may be worth a lot less. However, because points are really a proportion of the alliance’s health bar, it just ‘redistributes’ points to the other teams.

If you’re in a free for all alliance (no wave or farming strategy), then avoid them until they are the last one standing to reset the board.

If you’re using a farming or wave strategy (taking out the ‘weakest’), then leave them out. Take them out for the flip.

That’s all that comes to mind.

Oddly enough, I am seeing more of this lately.:thinking:


after he misses 2 wars it will automatically opt him out… there’s another option for you

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We are getting our butts handed to us in the current war. It’s not pretty… but also not unexpected. After matchmaking we noticed that our opponent had much stronger raid defenses than our members did, and the war scores and alliance scores were much higher.

Other than terrible luck and SGG’s matchmaking algorithm wanting to kick us in the ribs, what causes such a huge disparity?

We had one recently where their war score was almost 18% higher than ours. This war just finished was a tough loss. Similar war score but they had incredible bench depth and overpowered troops.

Our war was totally one-sided. Super fun SGG. Thanks.

I just don’t understand how to match according to the number of battle scores. The opponent does not have a team power below 4000. The team strength of our 9 members is below 4000 ba.

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Your war scores are almost identical, which suggests one of a few scenarios for the defence team TP discrepancy.

  1. They have been on a losing streak
  2. You have been on a winning streak
  3. You have more roster depth in top 30 heroes whereas they have a strong top team but weaker as they they go on using later attacks

Unfortunately, only our battle points are the same, other than that there is no equal squad match, I just don’t understand they are making matches based on the battle score.

Because it’s the easiest option with at least an acceptable result.

On what would you base it?

  • Defense TP?
    OK every big alliance who just wants to win, fields 3* teams and absolutely destroys everyone every war they face. Until they meet some other TP dropper.

  • Highest TP of a theoretical possible defense team?
    Good luck explaining to an alliance with a lot of new players where most have 5-10 5* heroes, why they are annihilated every war by alliances with 50 5* heroes for months without winning a single one. But look it’s completely fair, you both can make a team with 5 heroes of 4700 TP…

  • win/loss ratio?
    Doesn’t work with something more to balance it. You can’t just match 2 alliances because they won.

Don’t get me wrong the war matchmaking is not perfect, but considered how it was a year or two ago its a huge improvement.
Maybe it could be tweaked further, but the narrower you make those parameters for 2 alliances to match, the more often you will get alliances without an opponent.
You already now have some miss matches were one alliance fields a team more, just because they can’t find an opponent within the parameters and the same number of teams.


yes I understand but most of our members have 1 or 2 5* heroes in their hands and they are all left aside waiting for supplies I have 3 5* heroes 2/60 and 1 of them 3/70 gave me 2 compasses so far in the game I continue without improving my heroes How

could I not?

Don’t base your thoughts on the defense of your opponents. They may look great but that could also be the strongest team they have in their roster. They also could have no organization or leave flags and lose alot. Relax. :popcorn: :beer: try some :laughing:


It may be a little ironic if I say that we get the wars we win thanks to the death of the followers, but it is so. :joy:

Plus sometimes as said you just hit the swing moment.

You guys have been doing well, they’ve had some rough ones and the war score aligns.

Just give it you best and if you get beat it might be you were like Icarus and just got too close to the sun.

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If the opponent leaves, we win, yes, when we win, we shine like the sun until the next war :joy:

It happens to us all. All the way to the top.

You might have missed the drama from the 50th ranked alliance getting the 8th ranked alliance. It was a massacre and left a lot of feel bass.

My alliance had it recently in the first rush war and we got a Top 100 alliance that had suffered a couple of loses. We’d been on a good run.

It was 6 Alfrikes vs 16. We lost pretty badly. Such is life.


I definitely agree that there is a lot of effort in winning and losing. Our only problem is that the match is determined only on the score, I wish you and your friends good luck. :blush::tropical_drink::trophy:

Our opposition has one more player on battlefield. It is a close war but they had 6 more flags than us. This unfair. Please help.

Our Alliance name is: “<>”

Happens often; plenty of topics about this. Inevitably it has to happen, as there may be an odd number of teams with X players.

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+1 to this. You can face what looks like a team of monsters and by the third flag they can really start to struggle; sometimes this doesn’t work out and a bloodbath ensues. More often they really are sadly lacking in bench depth.

Someone has to lose in war and sometimes it doesn’t seem fair (it’s a game, never lose sight of that). Get together a working strategy and even the apparent beasts are beatable.

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Heh. 4519 posts.

Please bear with me. Just wanted to verify the current state of matchmaking.

  1. Was a Player’s war score ever implemented in addition to an Alliance’s war score in matchmaking. Dev discussed in Aug 2020 post.

  2. An Alliance’s Trophies and Titan score have zero effect on matchmaking.

  3. An Alliance strength is based on their Players strength of their top 30 most frequently used heroes in war.

  4. War matchmaking is determined by the Alliances war score and Alliances strength.

#2 is a big one for me. I am seeing teams with serious exaggerations of trophies and team strength. Current war has a lv 73 leader leader who has a whopping 1173 trophies. Thought it was a stupid question to ask, but then …why?

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