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You are probably right. I just know that I pretty much just use my top 30 heroes in every war. Do I have a couple of alternative heroes that I could use instead? Yes, but I almost never use them, because they aren’t that useful (not for wars anyway, they might be useful for certain quests or something).

I’m just afraid of any new game change that might suddenly decide that my roster is better than it actually is. The game is already regularly pitting me up against players with much higher TP than my own; I don’t want that to get any worse.

I just wish they would fix something. Games gotten stale and I, like many, invested alot in this game. This is not even worth playing as we have 6 player under 3800 and opposing team has none. Check out trophy difference in power. Skimming only 2 has joined thier alliance in last 2 days…

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I agree that matchmaking is broken. Main issue seems to be a problem with who the game calculates the War Score. It does not jive with what is present on the Battleground or 30 Hero total for participating members. Prior to adding new members matchmaking was good when our 18 members were all between Level 40 and 50. We have added 10 new members Levels 10 to 30 and would like to help them grow and enjoy the game. I have to believe there are several Alliance out there like ours. Details Follow:

In two or our four last Alliance Wars we were matched so incorrectly that it made no sense for our newer/lower level players to participate. The most recent was the most lopsided. My question is can you show or provide me with the War Score Calculation for our Alliance (Wisconsin Wolf Pack) and the Alliance we faced (cesko). Here are a few of the details. They have a Trophy score that is 7000 higher than ours. The Titan and War Scores were similar. We had six of the 23 Teams in the war below Level 30 with four defense Team Powers (TP) below 3000. They had no members below Level 30 and all TP in War were 3800+. I totaled the TP for both for all Def Teams in the War. There total was 93,691 and ours was 85,590. This is a difference of 8,100 TP or 352 points greater for each defensive team. I also summed the Levels of participating members Theirs was 1,125 Levels to our 952 Levels making each of them 7.5 Levels higher on average.

How can our War Scores be the same when Levels and TP on the field are so different? It would be nice to provide the six newer lower level teams some targets that are remotely close to there level/TP. Your time and attention to my question would be appreciated.

Suggested fix/changes to Alliance War Matchmaking.

  1. Simplify first. Eliminate Trophy and Titan Scores from War Matchmaking. They have nothing to do with how an Alliance performs in the War. To easy to cup drop and let Titans go to drop scores.

  2. Add the power of the top 30 heroes and top 5 Troops of all participating Alliance members. This is the War Power Score. Match this score within say 2000 +/- of all participating Alliances within 3 +/- participating members.

  3. Create a new category called War Performance. Based on wins and losses and weighted on whether the Alliance you were facing had a lower or higher War Power Score. This would gradually move an Alliance up or down for War Matchmaking.

You can still keep Trophy and Titan scores to rank Alliances overall but do not use them for War Matchmaking.

Just my $0.02

Not an issue because trophies and titan score don’t factor into war matchmaking.

I would refer to this as the ‘base’ war score of an alliance. Each hero is worth a certain number of points to contribute to the war score, but to my knowledge no-one has gone into an indepth analysis in how this is actually calculated. I have only gleaned some very minor details about contributing factors and how much they are worth.

Somewhat what the current system attempts to do, albeit not to everyone’s satisfaction.

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Simple question to SG.

Can you share with us a few of the details on how the War Score is calculated.

When I see the same War Score as Alliance we are matched against it does not even appear close when looking at total Team Power of all defensive teams on the Battleground? Also total Level of participating members is way off (Lower level players have limited bench depth with very few if any max level heroes).

They have already. And it’s remarkably similar to what you suggest.

The two differences I’m aware of (compared to the original info they shared) is that win/loss is no longer recorded for the alliance, but now for each individual player. Which makes recreating the alliance every 5 wins pointless. Also the record is now for the last 10 or 20 matches, not the last 5 or 10 (I can never remember which).


Thanks for the replies. I am still baffled by how our War Scores were actually switched from what Defense Team Power was on the Battleground.

Their War Score 51112 on Battleground Total Team Power 93,691

Our War Score 53358 on Battleground Total Team Power 85,595

With 23 teams that is a 352 TP greater per Team.

That is a huge difference.

I would like to see the date/scores that show how our 23 much lower powered teams had a War Score that was 2000 more than an extremely more powered Alliance?

We won 5 and and now have lost the last 4 Wars in a row. Two were close and two I would consider serious differences in the way Matchmaking is calculated. New Alliance so that is the extent of our War History. Big matchmaking change when we added 8 low level players to our original base of 19 (40 to 50 Level).

looking at just the top 30 will not get an fair match. It likely did 2 years ago but the rosters have gotten larger so the computer need a larger sample i.e 60.

After reading several hundred posts I understand what factors are used to calculate the War Score. It even more reinforces my polite request for a response from SG staff on how we had a higher War Score than recent opponent while the Total Team Power of all defenses of the opposing alliance on the Battleground are 352 points higher each across the Board. Hard to think you are going to win when every one is facing a Team 350+ points greater than their defense (which are likely the strongest heroes in our rosters).

Something is broken with the way the software is calculating the War Scores. Please let me know if the SG Staff needs any further details to investigate this anomaly that has pitted us against much stronger alliances four matches in a row now. Thanks for your time and consideration of my request.

I been saying the same for months. I think the win / lose might be weighted too much. We win one war and instantly matched against a team so much stronger than us but the war score saying we’re even? Of coarse we lose the war by 1500 to 2000 points, so much for the even war scores.

You seem to be missing particular parts of information regarding war scores.

Let’s go back to basics. The war score is dependent on several factors:

  1. Top 30 heroes of each participating player.
  2. Top 5 heroes have extra weighting (assumed to be rainbow).
  3. Top 5 troops (assumed to be rainbow).
  4. Win/loss record for each participating player (previously win/loss record of the alliance).

TP is a metric which comprises the various information regarding the heroes’ stats and the troops. People who use TP as a definitive measure tend to overlook other important aspects of a team’s (defensive in this particular scenario) composition. It is possible to defeat a team with 500 TP higher than your own attack team with the correct composition and tiles.

The one part of war score missing is the win/loss modifier. As I mentioned above, a player has a base war score comprised of points 1, 2 and 3 above. If someone had the interest I’m sure this can be calculated and generalised. It’s point 4’s contribution to the war score which remains unknown as far as I can tell.

Basically, take that base war score then it gets modified by some factor to create the new war score after the war. Now it should be easy to see this: an alliance who have lost a lot (whether due to bad form or by design) will be close to their base war score.

Now suppose an alliance with a lower war score has been in good form and won a few. Their base war score is modified so it is greater. Put the two together and there’s a higher probability of these two alliances being matched.

One thing you may see often claimed is if you want to avoid mismatches then you need to be in a full alliance. I don’t think it’s completely true. One factor in this is actually the bench/roster difference between the ‘highest TP’ player and ‘lowest TP’ player in the alliance. It’s really simple mathematics: how many different ways can you add up to 20? Take this example and apply it to a player’s base war score. And then apply it to the entire alliance. Notice the potential variance between top and bottom? Personally I believe that variance is more likely responsible for perceived mismatches in strength.

The war matchmaking process is essentially aimed at a 50/50 win/loss ratio. Once you win a few then expect to lose a few. With a higher war score you’ll either meet similar base war score alliances on similar form, or higher base war score alliances on a losing streak. That’s not to say it isn’t possible to be ahead of the curve, so to speak, but it would likely require more strategising and taking the game far more seriously than some may want.

Note also, the new alliance loophole has been effectively closed by the movement of war history to be a player metric rather than alliance. Each player will carry their own war score to a new alliance, so forming a new alliance will no longer reset the alliance’s win/loss record (there is no alliance win/loss record as such now).

This isn’t a defence of how war matchmaking occurs, but an attempt to explain what I understand about it.

Additional: I wrote the above the other day but it took a while to formulate. But since the discussion has continued…

Hopefully my attempt above will go some way to explaining the war score aspect and perceived discrepancies.

Though you seem to focus on the defence teams’ TP on the field of battle a bit too much. There are level 30-something players with TP4200+ raid defence teams comprised of mostly 5* heroes. What about that level 70 player with only a TP2000 raid defence team? Do not let TP mislead you. Look to other things like the tank’s DEF stat, and the points worth of the team. Also consider their specials and whether your heroes can counteract them. There’s a lot more than just TP to consider in attack.

If you truly believe it’s a bug, then submit information to the bug thread or file a direct ticket to support. While I do believe the war matchmaking algorithm isn’t necessarily satisfactory, it doesn’t mean it is broken.

Philosopher: Thank you for the reply and details, but I still feel the War Score calculation is broken or bugged in this case. Although a player may not have its 5 best heroes on the Battleground the total Power of all Teams should provide a fairly representative total for the 5 strongest heroes and troops used to calculate War Score. Additionally, the opposing Alliance was 7.5 Levels per member ahead of each of our 23 members. There is no way their bench depth/30 strongest heroes was less than ours. We also had 6 members in War below Level 30 they had none below Level 30.

None of it adds up to our War Score being 53,358 and their War Score being lower by 2,000 at 51,112. So, I posted this to Bug Forum as it does not add up and I am aware for the metrics used for the War Score calculation.

Of Note: Our War Score was at 53,358 after losing four Wars in a row and dropped to 53,064. All members participating in the War the same so apparent drop of 300 in War Score after adding one loss to all 23 participating members war history.

Any responses??

Discussion thread rather than bug report. Given the war score discrepancy I would suggest reporting it as a bug. The original thread was closed due to inactivity, so you may need to either start a new thread (though I think someone has), or request that one to be opened.

What is the point of war these days? For alliances with open rosters it will always be a win/lose situation.

@Guvnor, can you please clarify

During match making, any time you opt in to war, no matter how brief, even if its less than a minute to check alliance ranking if you were to opt in / out, you’ll be added to the battlefield :thinking:?!

If you are opted in while matchmaking is underway, uou will be on the battlefield.

You need to be opted out BEFORE matchmaking commences.

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