Alliance War: Tactics and Strategy (Lay some knowledge down!)

As far as letting the weaker teams finish the kill, one thing to keep in mind though, is that those teams cannot be too weak and should either have strong and fast hitters, or good healers, and ideally both, because of the brutal arrows that will be raining down on them. Also, it is sometimes wise to know that even if there are only one or two ennemy heroes left to kill, beware of their specials as some may be really hard to kill off (I typically have problems with Kasshrek and obviously Alberich, if I only have “weaker” heroes available).


@sleeperZ96BT, I’m in Sovereign Speakeasy and we were fighting the new 7D Ascending alliance. It was a good fight - we got to within 40 points before I had to go to sleep. In the end though, they had a strong overnight push.

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Without question. Any thoughts on team strength a person should be looking at sending against say a fully leveled/ascended Kasshrek or Rigard with that quick turn around revenge arrow?

I would think any single healer left over in war is likely going to take 1 or 2 healers on your team simply because of arrow.

You guys beat us a few wars ago - Trem Tran. You guys had 4k to like 3800 for us. A good match.

Riiiiiiiight! I remember that one, it was epic !

Strategy Question 6
Target healers, or go for center kill first with direct damage specials?

Very situation dependent IMO.
Depends on what you can deal better with after you’ve used you specials.
What is the center hero? is he going to kill you if you don’t kill him fast.
What are the rest of the heroes, are they going to get specials and/or kill you if you do/don’t target the healers first.
What is the healers situation, is he going to heal soon, or are you able to get a second wave of specials in time.

I’d say in “normal” scenario, you double up on tank, collect mana by hitting him. By then the tank is low enough for you to kill with another tile hit. If that is the situation you can target a healer or maybe some other high priority target.
But if this scenario gets disrupted somehow, for example a healers get to heal, then I’d go for killing the tank, as it eases up the mana collection a lot.

One point is, that if you just pick of enemy damage dealers off one by one, then the healer does nothing and you can just leave him be and focus him last. Revenge arrows do mess up with this, but if you have potent enough healers you might be able to ignore them.

Keep in mind when choosing a team to attack, the tank out front is almost guaranteed to get a special filled before you, unless you get a diamond or big combo. Pick something you can tolerate. Do you have multiple debuffs? Pick a boril or Cyprian tank. Do you have strong defenders? Then pick a front hero that has a decent hit but weak D (think Elena). Strong hitters? Pick a 4* healer out front. He’ll get one off, but you’ll have a ton of Mana before he can load up again. And remember, do not target the guys on the side of him if you can avoid it. All those stray tiles hitting them? They’re doing nothing but filling their specials. Resign yourself to the fact that the front guy will hit first and play around it. And whatever happens, take him out! I can kill 4 x 4* heros with a fully ascended 3* team IF that front guy is gone and I can ghost tiles up the center. If you’re use 3*s, be sure they are either fast special or Brienne. No one else, if you can help it.


Against a fully leveled/ascended Kasshrek or Rigard, you basically need to double up to triple up on the color that will hurt them the most (so red or yellow, respectively), and bring some supporting heroes (healer, attack/defence buffers). In my experience, Rigard is easier to kill off than Kasshrek.

Thanks @Fledoble I did not think that was possible. I hate teams with alby so next time I am going to use this

Thanks for sharing this. I hadn’t thought of that, just prayed to die quickly. This should work in raids too I think when you are trying to fill a hero chest.