Alliance / Clan members should be able to trade/gift/share materials and heroes

As an alliance leader, a lot of my members are annoyed that they have heroes who are fully leveled up but they can’t assend them. However, other members in my alliance have the items that are needed and they can’t use them because they don’t have the same heroes or aren’t at a level the items can be used. I am currently in the same situation. Quests haven’t given me any of the ascension items I needed either. Now, I love spending my hard earned money on your game but what’s the point if you can’t and won’t make it somewhat easy where it needs to be?

Allow alliance members, even if they join to get the materials and leave, the option to trade materials between each other!

If you do this small but much needed change, a lot of us won’t hate forking over our money to you guys jus so we can get what we need, especially when you don’t always offer the materials we need but other players have them and are basically holding them hostage.

It would also be a great way for every player to clean up their inventory of the items we do not need and the ones that don’t benefit us, making space for the crafting and ascension items that WE DO NEED.

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