A couple of ideas for the Devs

I have only been playing this game for just under a month, but a couple of things I reckon would improve this game are:

  1. For Alliances:
  • the ability for clan leaders to nudge other players to notify them to either hit titans, attack in war or just send them a message because they arent contributing enough
  • would be great if clan members could donate food and iron to other clan members (maybe a max of not to much to effect the game too much)
  • also would be nice if the devs could close inactive Alliances after a certain amount of time. Because when you search for an alliance there is SO MANY inactive ones its not funny.
  1. Builders: (I mentioned this in another topic)
    -the ability to be able to upgrade a builder, so that anything you are crafting can become a little faster. Heroes, buildings and crafting. There are many ways to do this and im sure the devs could come up with a way so it doesnt hurt the game, but only help it and make it more enjoyable.

I reckon these would make the game better IMO and would love to know what others think (specially the Devs) cheers.

There are existing threads for all of these ideas, please add comments and votes to the existing threads.

Please see: Private Messages & Friends Lists - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Please see:

Please see: Remove inactive Alliances

This is the only idea in your post that might warrant a new thread.

I suggest starting with some of the existing idea posts to flesh out your idea more before creating a thread for it.

These are probably good ones to start with:

As the other ideas in this thread are all duplicates, this thread will be closed.

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