Alchemy Lab: More Improvements (Post AL V2 Update in 2020) -- (Master)

  1. VIP Pass allows you a 4th simultaneous transmutation. The VIP pass could stand a gentle upgrade in value and precedent is there for a second builder.

  2. A quantity + or - button within the transmutation screen after selecting your items to transmute. It’s SO tedious selecting +, autofill, transmute over and over again.

  3. Alkashards be awarded instead of recruits for raids. There’s already an overabundance of recruits given and this would help with balance.


I like your other ideas too, but this seems like a very easy thing to implement, and frankly should have been part of the process from the beginning. I bet it was suggested plenty in beta…

Thanks Greg. Fingers crossed

GIVE us the option to select the material we need. Getting a random material is frustrating and does not make me happy after waiting so long and not getting what I need to ascend my hero. Plus the cost of gems and food is a slap in the face and a extra insult.

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