Alchemy Lab: More Improvements (Post AL V2 Update in 2020) -- (Master)

  1. VIP Pass allows you a 4th simultaneous transmutation. The VIP pass could stand a gentle upgrade in value and precedent is there for a second builder.

  2. A quantity + or - button within the transmutation screen after selecting your items to transmute. It’s SO tedious selecting +, autofill, transmute over and over again.

  3. Alkashards be awarded instead of recruits for raids. There’s already an overabundance of recruits given and this would help with balance.

Additional ideas:


I like your other ideas too, but this seems like a very easy thing to implement, and frankly should have been part of the process from the beginning. I bet it was suggested plenty in beta…


Thanks Greg. Fingers crossed

GIVE us the option to select the material we need. Getting a random material is frustrating and does not make me happy after waiting so long and not getting what I need to ascend my hero. Plus the cost of gems and food is a slap in the face and a extra insult.

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We need a change in the level 10 laboratory, we spent several months leveling up our stronghold to be able to start to level up the laboratory, then we spent a few more months leveling up the laboratory, then we spent a few more months leveling the food storages to be able to do the research, then we wait 2 more weeks until the research is completed, then we can finally use the laboratory to be able to exchange the items we have in greater quantity for one that we have little (or do not have), so we are required to spend 200 gems and one more week of waiting, so after this long and exhausting process, after spending our precious gems, we cannot choose which ascension item we want to take? … I think that after all this time invested in the game, gems and a lot of patience, we should have the right to choose which item we want to exchange, my suggestion is not absurd since we’re spending gems and a lot of our time, i suggest at least that we can choose between the 3 scarce items in our inventory, in my case, i need tonics (i only have 2), damascus blade (i only have 1), and darts (i have 7), it would be much better if i could choose one of these items at the end of the process. Please guys, we don’t want to waste our time and gems by exchanging items we have in excess for another item we don’t need at the moment, hope you guys can take a look at this🙏🏻


There’s a 200 gem cost when you transmute epic to epic materials at the top level of alchemy building. That’s outrageous! I wouldn’t have sunk the time in upgrading and researching if I knew that was the result.

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Well, in this case 30 seconds of your time and the search function of the forum would have been a good invest.

However, 200 gems are similar to 2/3 of a Dawa, so choose wise!


Sometimes we have to spend some money to get good things

Upgrading to level 10 is just an absolute must so you can run 3 recipes.

AL 10 is very well known to cost gems so I understand you are probably feeling a bit foolish. We all make mistakes that in hindsight 15 seconds of research would have solved.

But the iron isn’t wasted. I run 1A, 2A and 3B as it’s really quite irreplaceable now.

Every 6.5 days I get a transmutation and from around 15 to 20 (I’ve lost track) I’ve had 2 4* mats for nothing.


After 3-4 months of AL10. 90% of the gems came from VIP pass. If you have a wise plan, you can do either 10 A / 10 B.

Edit: use your brain, not your pocket.


There was a lot of discussion about this when version 2 of AL was being Beta tested (I believe back in April/May of 2020). This version of the AL is hands-down better than the original (to date I have already seen nine 4* ascension mats in Slot 1 of my shard exchanges under version 2 of AL), so do not complain – at level 10 of the AL, you can run any combination of 3 recipes you’d like and are not forced to spend gems (i.e., you are not obligated to run the final 2 recipes).

What’s outrageous for me was that you didn’t manage to do the research, or ask informed alliancemates, or read the forums since you were already a part of the community here since August 2018. The information on Alchemy Lab, its first or second version, was all made known even prior to its release and/or revision, thanks to our valuable and tireless moderators and contributing forum users.

For me, Alchemy Lab level 20 (or 10B or whatever designation you want to call it) is so useful in managing excess ascension mats as I was able to reduce and later on negate the huge discrepancy of the amount of Damascus Blades to my Tome of Tactics, with 6 as the all-time highest difference of the count, the blades in excess. Now, it’s 8-9 count in favor of the tome but will be evening it out once the next Farholme Pass comes, giving me another Damascus Blade.

And this info is also vital. Even if you don’t use the last 2 functions in the AL, at least you are farming alkashards from 3 other functions.

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Yep. What we have now is far far better than the previous one.

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I don’t think it’s that outrageous (although the tone of the message doesn’t help) —

Might be there now

But they can put a note on the help tab so folks of all walks of life — not just those that come here - know what the deal is before dedicating the time/resources … it’s a change from levels 1-8

I’ll admit I wondered what the gold border was for, and its be hidden behind years of upgrades.

Agree that the 3rd trade line and alkashards are worth building it out… just getting things maxed to be ready whatever ‘new’ buildings may pop up too

200 gems isn’t much, but without VIP its still a oomph.

I just Assume it’s 2 trade lines plus neg ~1.3M meat a week …24/7/365 :hugs:

At some point - I’m going to start looking at where my troops would be if I skipped running it :grimacing:

If mats over cost is the thing…Skipping this and VIP in favor of the $9.99 seasonal deals (or PoV) works too

Personally … I’m holding mats… power creep has ramped up and 4/80 ain’t what it used to be :slight_smile:

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Alchemy lab has two 3 star “rare assession” could the second be a 4 star?

There is 5-10% chance for the second ascension material to be a 4 star material…

Currently it costs 100 gems plus some food to convert 3* ascension materials into scare 3* or 4* materials. It takes months to upgrade the alchemy lab to that level and research the level, then a week for each transmutation. This game is supposed to take time OR money to be successful, NOT BOTH. Please remove the gem spend and replace with food, iron, or additional materials or time.

I just finished researching 10A today and i agree that the gem cost is stupid. and from reading the other posts in this thread, i see that the 10B has a 200 gem requirement. i like to play completionist so i would have researched these regardless of the cost to actually use them afterwards.

By comparison, the HA9 and 10 retraining’s are basically F2P but have high resource requirements, 44% of max iron and 200 recruits for epic troops, 39% max food and 300 recruits for legendary heroes.
Now i know you can get gems without paying for them but to get the alchemy lab to lvl10 and put those gem requirements in place just make it that much harder to actually use it unless your buying them.

I’d rather have high resource costs similar to HA than have a gem requirement. Maybe require more ascension materials to be used per transmutation in addition to higher to higher food/iron requirements. Why have a gem requirement specifically on the AL anyway? Just so SG has another way to get money from people? Am i going to run into the same issue once i get my hunters lodge upgraded to lvl 10?

As someone with 4 legendary heroes, 3 of which are purple, that are waiting to do their final ascension, i’m not happy that after all this time getting my AL to where it is, that i cant simply just start queueing transmutations for ascension materials without having to get my wallet out.

I hope for New Alchemy lab level for upgrading for example : 4 3* items for randomic 1 4* item, whit additional gems cost of course

I have more of 50 5* and 60 4* full leveled
I have 230 compass and 232 gloves,
Not idea how use this 3* items

spam troops in hero academy

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