Recalibrate Titan Rewards using War Points and other tips

Excuse my bad English …

Here are some tips from a player who is very tired of the turn the game is taking.

  1. I propose to recalibrate the Titan rewards also taking into consideration the power of the alliance:

_ Taking down a 14-star titan can yield several 4-star ascension materials in a week while for an 11-star titan (for example) it is already difficult to find 2 per month;

_ The problem is that taking down a 14-star titan with 30 top players is much easier than taking down an 11-star titan with 20-22 mid-level players;

_ I think it is fair to balance this by adjusting the calculation algorithm taking into account for example the strength of the alliance (could use the war score which is already calculated) so that we can all receive some more ascension material and be able to grow everyone;

  1. Review the 5% percentage of obtaining a special 5-star hero from level 10 of the academy. 5% with a week of waiting (after spending months and months and an infinite number of resources to get there) is equivalent to having a hero every 20 weeks if you are lucky. For a player who already has several doubles of standard 5-star heroes this percentage is a ridiculous thing. For the time and resources that have been invested (maybe I unlock it at Christmas …) the percentage should be at least 30%.

  2. Quickly foresee some monthly hero similar to Miki or Tarlak of other elements. From experience those who have Miki and / or Tarlak are enormously more advantaged than those who must necessarily use Wukong against the titans. With a few similar monthly heroes, many could have the opportunity to compete on equal terms against the titans;

  3. Review the board generation algorithm for the titans: it is extremely frustrating to have good formations against the titans and bring home ridiculous scores for horrible boards (it almost always happens lately). In my opinion, the attacks on the titans should exalt the players and not ■■■■ them off further (that’s why the summons of the events already think about it …); You could increase the life of the titans and have at least 25-30% of the tiles of the opposite color to the titan. The titan would become fun. A lot of people are starting to get very tired of seeing horrible boards all over the place;

  4. The cost of summons, for what you receive, are obscene: considering that very often with 10 calls you receive 8 or 9 3-star heroes already received hundreds of times and 1 or 2 star heroes also received dozens of times, the cost of a x10 should be 2 or 3 euros maximum not 25-30 euros…. So it would be fair to either review the percentage of receiving a 5-star rating (in particular heroes of the event) or significantly lower the costs of summons: many people will also have money to burn but many people also have to work;

  5. Review the percentage of obtaining 4-star ascension materials obtainable with the alchemical laboratory … after 2 months of uninterrupted use with 2 contemporary creations I have not seen even one …

  6. If I have to spend gems to change a 4-star ascension material with the alchemical laboratory I must have the opportunity to choose the material otherwise remove the cost of the gems … after all the effort made to get there (again months and months of work and resources invested), after having also had to spend some gems having another random thing is absurd

Thank you

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