Alchemy Lab/Hero Academy Double selling fair?

I don’t remember to use any of my darts… I need those darts, I have 13 telescopes… Or maybe was my mistake

DartS was an example. I am saying that if you have multiple things queued, one of the earlier transmutations may NOT have been scopes that got put in. Thus making a scope possible on the out.



I agree with you — I’d add the cost for hero storage too.

Having said that —

Alchemy Lab has one viable feature, and it’s a corner case:

All 4* mats are awarded either randomly or statically — but the use ratio for tomes/blades is one sixth that of every other mat

It’s possible, over time, to get above the natural progression curve — math people can help define this - where the incremental value of the next blade or tome is functionally zero


You’ll get one Another from a predictable quest before you will get the next set of elemental mats that would set Your need above +1 (see: JIT manufacturing)

Real Example:

I have 2-3 Of each elemental mat; but through RNG shenanigans have 7 tomes and 9 blades.

Converting the excess into elemental mats takes something with diminished returns and gives me something more Much more valuable at good odds When I need it.

From a design perspective:

I’d love to see an incremental step for changing a tome/blade to Random elemental 4* mat

All this would do is remove the chance of

Blade -> Tome
Tome -> Blade

Which is such a small shift to the odds vs the annoyance of having to run it twice it’s simple to tweak the other variables - like cost to compensate.

And it works.

Traded a handful of tomes / blades for scopes, rings and a dart on a friends account — that let him ascend two immediately.

Beyond that — I struggle to see a use/justify the cost


I don’t know how to chart the intersection — hell, I don’t even know what to call it… help please

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Purge Style Event once a year — before the end of the Fiscal year.

Can Bolt it onto The legends event.

Provide a slightly better trade in ratio on Heroes from the last 12 months so this stuff doesn’t stack up forever…

Think a simple “feed a duplicate to increase your portal ascension chest“ could work, but only if they don’t monkey around with the odds to compensate for the trade in

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How is that possible to pay twice for Atlantic deal?? They took my money twice.

Hi there @MattiZeus1. Account issues are handled via support. You would need to send in a support ticket to start the process:

Please be aware SG does not process support tickets on the weekend. :+1:

I definitely don’t find this right

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