After new Telly Nerf - Who will be the top tanks?

Frigg is the top tank. 500+ damages to all even with very few green tiles on the board + defense down at fast speed. This is complete bulsh*t and impossible de recover if she fires twice which will happen most of the time at least in war.

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Telluria is still good. Not as good, but still good. Last war they used 5 flags on me to kill my team once, which is still elite, but yeah I got one shotted more than normal.

Telluria is currently not as good as Guinn, but then again, if Guinn was a HOTM, we probably wouldn’t have even switched to Telluria. Guinn is obviously the best tank again. Your question has been answered!

Frigg and … Atomos, might be better green tanks currently. I’m not afraid at all with Lady or Heimdall.

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Yo no tengo a Telluria y con Heimdall de tanque nunca bajo de platino…

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