Advice on War Strategies

We are a 14 team alliance with a wide spread of strength of teams, a few players above 4000 attack and defence, a few really new players and most in the 2500 to 3500 range. Several of our members do not have the depth of roster to even field 6 teams and most dont even stack colours. We beat 6* Titans and about 50% of the time beat 7* ones, to give you an indication of where we are.
We know we are not going to compete with the big alliances and we are fine with that.
As our members get better and stronger rosters we would like to start using some war strategies to make us more competitative in wars. We have tried using a common tank colour (yellow was the only one we could all use) but it didn’t really make much difference.
So, can I ask for suggestions for ideas on possible strategies we can start using to make our war efforts more effective

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Take a look at this thread. There are some links as well that could be useful for you.


I’d maybe not use the colour tank for everyone.
Maybe some of your higher players do it with.
Put your lowers best defence down as your facing people the same level in a 14 team alliance. Or see if your lowers can maybe do a different colour so it’s 50/50.


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