Advice on my team for green titans

Trying to decide what team config to use on green titans. I have no ascended red 5*, Khufu is on his way and will be my first one.

Been using Wu-Kong 4.70, C-Boldtusk 4.75, G Falcon 4.70, Sun Shangxiang 4.70, and Zagrog 3.70. But Khufu has just surpassed Zagrog with basic power score. Thinking I keep Wu, BTusk & Sun and then 2/3 between Falcon, Khufu & Zagrog….what say you? Is that the right trade off? Which 5 would you recommend?

Khufu is at 3.54 (and will keep going up to 4.80, I have the mats). Power score now is 698 with attack at 643 and special is 8/8 – slow speed, deals 450% damage and -41% fire EDD increasing 4% for every hit for four turns. Zagrog is at 3.70, at 693 power & attack at 649, special is 8/8 - average speed, deals 430% damage bypassing defenses and gives fire allies +10% defense (but he’s also immune to buffs so no help from Boldtusk). G Falcon has a power of 736, attack at 643, special is average speed 235% damage plus -54% defense against fire.

Khufu’s attack is now higher and will grow, special damage is higher, but he’s slow vs Zagrog average. Khufu is close to Falcon for EDD and with multiple attacks exceeds, but is slow vs Falcon average.

I personally replaced Falcon with Khufu for the EDD. Bring mana pot so speed up the charge move. Khufu’s attack stat will bring those scores up.


What level titans are you facing? Do you need a healer? I’d consider both Khufu and G.Falcon since you may want both with Wu’s chance to miss.

My team Wilbur-c Wilbur- Falcon- Shadereave- Franz/Zhabog

So, you should go for some of the above or improved 5* versions. Khufu, Oceanus, Phenexa and so on (if applicable)