Add Option to Disable Hero Animations During Titan Attacks and Raids, or Make the Animations Faster / Allow Continuing Attacks During Titan Attack Animations or Speed Them Up [MASTER]

Bump her to Fast speed too. She needs it. :wink:

You know who else needs an animation speed-up?? Gorgon Queen! I always wait until the last 4 seconds of a raid to make a diamond, and then she fires and it’s wasted!

Good gaming!

I had to look it up but yeah there are some titans with very long specials out there too, but I feel that’s a bit less of a problem

I observe, as a veteran in this game, is that some animations when your fighting a Titan are really really long. Sometimes Titans Super take like 5 to 6 seconds unable you to attack. Its frustrating when you can only wait. Can you add an on/off supers animation in Titans or in general for veteran players.

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There should be a level playing field between players. Can’t have settings that give you more playing time.

In general I agree with your observation though. Animation time should be limited or we should be able to play through it.

Kinda like TSA at the airport. Get a good search

Please give us the option to speed up animations! RPG/Match 3 games are my jam and EnP has-by a mile- THE slowest gameplay inside the actual match. This becomes especially annoying with a board of minions. I realize it would have to be excluded for titans and challenge events. There is simply way too much waiting between moves. Personally I’d love to see option for doubling and tripling animation speed, but would be thrilled with either. This feature would be so easy to implement and would exponentially increase my enjoyment of the game. Thanks for listening!

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Would be nice for events as well, as these are time based and some animations take longer than others.

You can’t do anything untill the combo is done anyway so why not have some options for speeding up all the animations on special skills and combo x2 x3 and maybe x4 VIP only :slight_smile:

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I would love a button that removes the theatrics from hero’s specials especially for events such as this that are timed. Not only are we trying for better times and scores but some of us can’t afford the extra few minutes those theatrics add thAt cover the board and don’t allow you to see the gems your trying to move because we’re in a hurry doing real life things and are just trying to play for a minute or 2 before life takes over and we can’t play anymore until we get another break. Don’t get me wrong theatrics put a good feel to the game but they get rather aggravating when you can’t see half the screen and you just want to get through the battle.

All the animations are too slow for 5* heroes and minions, plus they obscure a lot of the screen. Just more evidence that nobody at SG actually plays the game. Fix this.

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A lot of people spent their votes on this idea. Is there any reason why Zynga wouldn’t want it implemented?

Time is money. OUR money.

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Would it be possible to consider making hero’s specials translucent so you could still see the board beneath it? Some specials seem to have longer animation times, or if you set off several specials it drains the timer on titans. I find myself needing a second just to blink and lubricate my eyes after setting off a few holy heroes :joy::joy::joy: Especially Odin! Its blinding lol…

Either way thanks for your time.

yes i agree with that idea

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