Add Option to Disable Hero Animations During Titan Attacks and Raids, or Make the Animations Faster / Allow Continuing Attacks During Titan Attack Animations or Speed Them Up [MASTER]

Many people have suggested allowing disabling or accelerating Hero Animations during Titan Attacks and/or Raids.

This thread is for sharing ideas and discussions specifically about hero animation duration during Titan Attacks and/or Raids.

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Decided to drop my thoughts here as I agree with @DarthSideOfMoon’s suggestion. I only have an issue with all the animations on Titan battles and only because this is timed. Love them otherwise. My issue is with all the controls to your hero’s being turned on/off to allow for animations to run then when you think it’s finished you hit the special (thought you hit the special because you clicked it) but another turn or two you look down and notice it never fired. So then you start getting in the habit of clicking it several-5-10 times just to make sure it fires which is distracting to your board management. I know I’ve seen a few of the video’s from 7DD showing them hitting the special multiple times to make sure it fires. Can anything be done to more clearly show when you are open for business (can fire your specials) or a way to turn animations on/off as needed?


Yes, it would be a nice benefit to turn off animations during Titan battles. The lost battle time can be rather costly!


Sometimes cause of too much skill animation is hard to see tiles on a titan where is crutial to be fast, especially with season 2 heroes. Any chance we can do the special skill animation off somewhere in the settings?


It´s very annoying to lose 2/3 seconds during a titan attack, cause of the animation. I´m totally agree with you.


When I hit with Zeline, I just tap and swipe randomly on the board, sometimes it works :slight_smile:

I need the new animation skill of legendary heroes improvement. Too many copies like 3* Ulmer and 5* Isarnia, 4* Skittleskul and 5* Horghall, 3* Jahangir and 4* Colen, etc. Too boring to watch.

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Fancy skill animations are especially hurtful during titans… when they cover the board and you can’t pick your next move.

They are also quite painful to watch when I wake up in the middle of the night and play the game in a dark room to finish the chest.

Please let us turn them off.

Also, the attack animation of the season-2-moth-boss makes my phone stutter for quite a while (and it’s not a bad phone). I’ve heard other people in my alliance have QoL problems with that animation, too.


Some things that have irked me, but has increased since Atlantis release are problems and inconsistencies with Special Skill animations and Titan Fights.

The first is the special skill cast times of the titans and hero’s. Some take longer than others and freeze player action (in case of the Titan cast) till the animation is completed. However, the clock keeps ticking.

I can see this as a feature and yet another challenge but then Heros like Wilbur were released which caused the other issue to be worse.

I LOVE Wilbur’s animation and I think it’s the best in the game. However, when fighting titans, the animation becomes a pain because I can’t see the board. I have learned to plan my moves before hitting his skills but even that has caused me to make the wrong move (and losing a diamond) due to the obstructed view.

There are a few ways I could see this made better

  1. Have the clock pause when skills are activated. This would remove all issues.

  2. Have a short delay or pause in the clock to at least even out the skill animations some.

  3. Create an option in settings to disable skill animations. This would at least help with the obstruction issue.


Same behavior happens with Cheshire Cat. It’s a beautiful animation, but it takes at least 2 seconds on the titans fight. I would include other alternatives to fix this:
4) To increase transparency of the animation, so that the users can see the board even if animation takes longer, the same way it happens with 1st season characters;
5) To have a different animation (or no animation at all) when fighting the titans.

Would like increased transparency of the animation too, Kageburado and Alice are quite opaque and it’s hard to see the board.

I would love to have option 3, just being able to play the game fast, without seeing any animations at all.


I agree that an option for no animations is best, but I have this issue with Danzaburo. (Yeah, I know, but he’s my best yellow option at the moment.) Without seeing his animation, it would be a bit difficult to know which trick he performed and thus, which of the three possible outcomes had occurred. Increased transparency of the animation would be a welcome compromise, as I find that his also obscures the board.

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Only take 1 max 2 dudes with heavy special animations for titans due to that and avoid minion casters like a cold shower.

That’s why this needs developer attention. You should not have to pick your team for titan battles based on something like this.


Agreed. Animations over tiles should be moved higher on the screen to over the titan/opposing team. Plus, all specials animations (including the 4-6 seconds the titan usually takes to fire) should be kept <1.25 second to speed gameplay.

While we’re asking for faster titan fights, the speed at which mana is applied to characters after hitting also needs to be faster and not wait for the animation to finish. Often I’ve tapped their icon three times before the special is actually ready to fire.


Totally agree that animations during only Titan battles should be shortened. Kind of ridiculous that I have specials or good tile moves ready to fire for 4-6 seconds and then don’t. At the very least all specials and special tiles fire when time runs out. A last hurrah if you will. Will make up for tge 45sec missed due to specials taking too long.


remove animation heroes on titanium.

Totally agree, I have timed these animations to as long as 8 to 10secs not being able to use my specials or loaded tiles.

Rare titans are even worse with these animations taking close to and at times more than half the time we have.

It’s not bad enough that titans get cascades last long enough for them to be fully reloaded and we have to wait for it to complete but added to that the animation time and we are left with about 1 third of that time for use to do anything with.

Very rediculous that these titans should be treated like they are the end all of an allience and that it affects allience attendance where some get booted for not hitting when it’s made so hard to get shots in for such little to no decent rewards.

Get rid of animations from titans altogether or if you feel you must have them allow us to be able to shot whilst they are active.


I brought up animation before, but here my new thought. Maybe a transparency level? That way animation could still work but u could see tiles below it.