⚔ [7 Feb, 2021] - 94th Raid Tournament - 5* Bloody Battle, No Fire/ Red

I will simply go with


I have 3 green damage dealers with +18 emblems, Kingston, Lianna, and Atoms. The only real good option for a flank is Athena+18. Thinking of going like this…

I’m thinking Atomos plays better even without his rez than regular kadilen with no emblems, or another sniper like sartana+18. I do have Panther+18 tho but not a big fan of her on defense.

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Almost same here…


What troops do you have on lianna? I would switch her out for sartana. She survives a lot better and with athena there she’d kill any hero with one shot of her special.

True and I could use a lvl 24 Mana troop on sartana, but Lianna still has a lvl 17 Mana troop, Kingston has lvl 18 crit and ole Atomos gets the lvl 23 Mana troop. Thanks!

Yellow tank with bera freya flanks?

I would put Bera over Francine… Rather have ailment to stop them from getting minions and 200+ hp shield for all.

Bloody battles is basically all about outlasting enemy (not necesarilly beating them to the punch) , in my opinion :slight_smile:

Changed my mind…
Decided to finish Ursena, she will have more emblems tomorrow, and gonna try this:

Inviting yellows, but it will be nasty if they don’t get tiles. I hope. :joy:


Yes this came as a huge surprise for me. I didn’t expect a 5* again so soon!
In any event im going to try this team…

My other thought was using this guy to replace Joon in the same spot

Now, I realize that Joon is a true sniper with sniper attack stats. Something about bai yeong intrigues me. I mean yeah 75% miss chance but for only 2 turns. The -75% healing is irrelevant this week. I like the +30% def vs specials and love the passive. The passive could be a huge


Feeling confident


No good green tanks so I’m going with this.

Good luck everyone!

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I think they would rather go black :slight_smile:

They still throw one of your flanks down with max dmg.

Maybe also Clarissa to flank? This way its alot more secure they will have to take yellow and risk everything

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The quick reference calendar lists all the month’s raid tournaments and wars. Very helpful for planning.

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How does the game set defense teams for me. The auto setup put 3 greens for me and I can’t change it. :roll_eyes:

You change your raid tournament lineup just like you change any other lineup, but you only had until 9 am CET to do so. Now you’re stuck with it for the rest of the week.

I know that. But it’s how it chose auto set. Gave me a healer and 2 revivers.:rofl:

It’s probably the lineup you used for the last 5* tournament.

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It was my first idea, but now it’s to late. :joy:

It’s fine, with dark attackers Ursena might fire, so it could still be painful. As you can see, defence in 5* tourneys is not my strongest card yet.

However, attacks went well, Day 1: 5-0

MVP: Newest addition to my roster, Ursena. 4 teams had yellow wings (Joonx2, Neith, Justice) - they all killed themselves on reflect. :slight_smile:


My experience says that auto fill choose the strongest available heros (by their power), having in mind colour restrictions for the tourney. Meaning, no red this time. However, it doesn’t look further, so my team had Heimdall. :slight_smile:


Yup. Heimdall is my tank. :joy:

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