5* Ascension help

I could use some advice. I prefer titan damage and war score over cups but I hate losing raids both on offense and defense. Who should I ascend? I have mats for a red, green, gold, and purple.

Azlar or Queen of Hearts?
Inari, Ranvir, Vivica, or Poseidon?
Ursena or wait for Seshat?

Lianna is about to get my tonics.

Vivica is my only 5* healer so I’m unsure if I should wait for Ariel or build around Viv.

Losing raids on defense is a fact of life, I’m afraid. There’s very little to be done about that.

Can you upload the rest of your roster? People here give better advice when they know how the proposed heroes fit in with what you already have.



20 characters.

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@FraVit93, @RandaPanduh, @Elpis, @Radar1, @Zephyr1, @Gryphonknight suggestions?

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Queen of Hearts would be better for Defense and useful on Offense, but your best pick for Titans would be Elena, since she has the highest attack stat. Azlar would be a good second choice on that front.

For Titans, Ranvir. For Offense, it depends on your play style. For Defense, Poseidon.

Seshat will be live in 2 hours…so I’d wait until then at the least. :slight_smile:

But otherwise it depends on your mats and when you plan to Summon. If it’s during Atlantis and you have mats for more than one (or close to it), a month from now is a long time to make progress before seeing what’s next.

Makes sense to me.

Use Rigard. I have Vivica at +4 and never use her as my primary healer for Raids.

A second thing on this: you have a ton of heroes to work on, including many excellent ones.

And most of them aren’t well-leveled, particularly your core 4* heroes.

Now would be a good time to stop acquiring heroes for a few months, and catch up on leveling.


I really appreciate the advice. I only have enough mats for one of each hero except blue. Still need 3 scopes.

My typical team, except when stacking, is Azlar, Kiril, Lianna, Poseidon, and Proteus.

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I’m guessing you might have the mats for more 4* heroes, though — and you have plenty well worth maxing (or at least taking to 3-60 to start), including Rigard, Scarlett, Caedmon, Sonya, Merlin, Triton, Sabina, and Melendor, at the least.

Personally I’d also max (and did) Li Xiu, Boril, Gadeirus, Little John, Colen, Ameonna, Tiburtus, and Danzaburo. I’d max multiples of Proteus too (I’m at 2 now, working on a third after I finish my second Rigard).

4* heroes are much easier/faster to max, and are a bigger payoff for War, Raids, Quests, Class Trials, and Raid Tournaments than unmaxed 5*. And especially for War bench depth, they’re a much more practical payoff.


I read a lot about people maxing multiples of the same hero. Is the primary reason for doing this war?

For the most part, yes, though my purple 3-2 stack for yellow tanks is 2x Proteus plus Rigard.


I understand. What you say makes sense. I have been a leveling fool since I started. It is my plan to max the 4*'s you suggest. I will keep plugging away. I just want to final ascend the right heros.

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Proteus is pretty useful. I can imagine 2.

I appreciate the input on the specific 4*'s I should focus on. It helps put things into perspective. The dam orbs elude me though. Only have 6.


I’m a ways from that anyway. I still have a lot of core 4s to level up. I’m keeping all my 4s in the hope that Hero Academy needs them. So I can always worry about that later. I do feel that duplicates could be more useful than a full collection. I think I would rather 2 Grimms than a Grimm and an Agwe. I’ve always had a collector mentality though. So Agwe is going up :rofl:


I’ll probably level Agwe at some point too for collection/completeness, but it’s telling that he’s on my list below seconds of Sonya (both already maxed), Grimm (both already maxed), Kiril (second in progress now), and Triton (second up next).

He might make it ahead of taking my second Boril from 3-60 to max (the other is maxed).

Probably also worth noting: I have a second Frida at 1-1, and I’ve got 14 Telescopes, and she’s not even on my list yet.



It’s hard to say who gets the least love; Agwe or Gobbler.
Agwe might come soon for me, but Gobbler is a long way off. I still have Caedmon at 1/1, Little John at 3/60, and a couple other greens I can’t think of right now.

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I made use of my 3-60 Gobbler on Offense for a long time, when I lacked other options.

He’ll get maxed one day…but I’m on my 4th Melendor, so I guess he didn’t make it high on the list…


I have to say that really helps put things in perspective. Thank you.

  1. QoH
  2. Ranvir
  3. Seshat (since you seem to be spending quite a bit to summon)
  4. Lianna (good choice for tonics)
  5. Ariel (until you either get her or you give up on summoning her)

Focus more on your 4* heroes. I am not sure you have sufficient mats to level so many 5*.

Thank you for the input AirHawk.

Pulled seshat just now.

I’ll hold off on Ariel and focus on the 4*s

I appreciate your help.

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I have the mats for all the 5 except missing 3 scopes for a blue. I have been stingy ascending 5* so far.

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Haha trying to pull her specifically is foolish.