4* Troops + Tarlak


I have both 4* - mana and crit troops each 6lvl
I have a bunch of feed troops to increase their lvl up to ~15
What do u think is a better choice for 11-12* titans?

Bear banner stacks with Tarlak special right?


The mana part of the mana troops will not effect Tarlakā€™s speed until level 23. You can judge the other bonuses at face value. Bear banner will stack with Tarlak.


This comes to a choice of Raids vs Titans. I think generally speaking, high level Crit troops are better for Titans and high level Mana troops are better for Raids.
Being that Tarlak is most useful on Titans I would keep his troop to that theme and pick Crit troops to also help with his survivability.


There is a LOT of info and opinions about troops in this old but still valuable thread:


Why to use bear flag when you can use dragon flag?
More % attack bro!