3* red worth level breaking

I was wondering wich 3* (in red) to level break.
I think i have all red 3* so all options are debatable.
I have some xtra aether for it.

I need help figuring which one would be the best option.

Considering that…
I think LB favors offensive cards.
I think i shoud prioritize cards i use a lot.
And finally cards i might decide to put emblems on eventually.

I was thinking
Jahanguir (c)
Hawkmoon (c) used a lot

So any help or opinion is welcome.

I have Bauchan and Sudri LBed.

Bauchan, because he is a great tank and well tank need stats and Bauchan isn´t exactly a recent hero.

Sudri obviously for the plain raw damage which gets boosted by better stats.

Waqas is another good option I think, similar to Sudri. On defense I really think Sudri is the best while on offense Waqas could be have the advantage. I am considering him for my next red 3s LB anyway.
CHawkmoon is my other option.

I would rank Jahangir behind Sudri and Waqas for slow, red, hitall.
Skrekok looks cool, depends on how much you use him, I can´t say, I haven´t even pulled him yet :wink:

Surdi, Bauchan - thats no brainer imo.
Having those two myself, no regrets at all.
Since i use Skrekok a lot during challenge events, gonna LB him aswell sooner or later.
Rest is not that… needed to he LB i guess.

Bauchan, Sudri, and C-Hawkmoon, in order of priority.

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